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Creative Director & Co-Founder

Michael who is the Co-Founder & Creative Director of LSB, embarked on his barbering journey back in 2005 when he began at the iconic Vidal Sassoon creative academy. Following his graduation, he worked for an impressive host of top London salon chains including infamous HOB salons and Rush Hair.

Michael was developing a sheer desire to teach that he could not ignore. But it wasn’t long before Michael ensued a bigger dream and had a vision of creating his own academy, where standards where much higher than anywhere else. With hard work, he turned his dream into a reality and as a result, London School of Barbering was born and opened in 2012.



Managing Director & Co-Founder

Justis is the catalyst that drives the LSB engine forward in terms of our presence and growth in the barbering community. You may not see him as much as the trainers but you can rest assured that he is driving the ship behind the scenes making sure the business side of the company is taken care of. 


Head Educator

Pavlos got started in the world of hair back in 2002, where he also trained at the prestigious hair academy Vidal Sassoon, building an exceptional knowledge base in hair. He went on to work at Vidal Sassoon salons cutting men’s hair building up a top class set of cutting skills.

He has worked on various photoshoots and attended Salon International on numerous occasions showcasing his precise and fine barbering skills, which deliver high quality haircuts.


Lead Educator

Henry has an impressive career portfolio of brands and events that he has worked for from a young age, showcasing his peerless set of barbering skills.

In 2008, he started his training in a big salon called KAOS, before moving onto Trevor Sorbie, where he was the youngest ever-qualified stylist at 20 years of age. Proving his barbering talent, he was chosen to visit Shanghai in China to represent KERASTRAIGHT. He worked on Steiner cruise lines before he joined LSB as an Educator. Events that Henry has worked at include Salon International, Asian Hair Awards, Paris Fashion Week and International Skills Academy seminar in India.


Lead Educator

Panos, who is no doubt a gifted barber, began his career back in 2004. His career began at Hobs and Nyumba, where he start cutting hair and developing his skills to a top class standard. His recognisable talent in cutting hair lead him to go on and work in prestigious Michael Charalambous 5 star salon in Mayfair. Panos also developed his expertise by travelling around Australia cutting hair.

He has worked with Tatler Magazine and at popular shows Salon International and Barber Connect.



Amir began his barbering career sixteen years ago, back in 2002, in his father’s barbershop located in Burnt Oak, North London. Like father like son, he was destined to become a fantastic barber and has built up an impressive abundance of experience leading him to his Educator role here at LSB.

He has built up his barbering expertise working for reputable brands including Headhunters, Pall Mall Barbers and Hob Salons. With his undeniably amazing shaving skills, Amir has taken part in the London Motor Show, where he was dishing out luxury shaves for infamous car brand Ford.



Bryony is proving that she has a natural gift for barbering with her making a swift entry into teaching, after she graduated with us at London School of Barbering in July last year in 2016.

She completed the 9 week Diploma NVQ2 in barbering, where she excelled at learning our techniques and understanding the LSB fundamentals. Her distinct skill in barbering and communication capability was recognised and she was offered to come on board with us as an Educator in August last year. She was an exemplary student, who is now teaching her own students high standards in barbering.



Franco started his barbering journey back in 2006, when he decided to train at infamous brand Toni & Guy. Following the successful completion of his training, he went on to work at various Toni & Guy salons in London and spent some time in Australia working for the brand. He also worked for Hair Form hair salon in Holborn in Central London before coming on board at LSB as an Educator.

Franco has been a regular cutter at various charity events. Franco has built up an impeccable set of barbering skills over the past eleven years.



Filipe kick started his barbering career back in 2005 when he began his first job in Scott and Wells unisex hairdressers in South Africa and then moved onto working at Santana unisex hairdressers. His next stop was to move to the cosmopolitan city of London to take his barbering career that one step further.

His work experience includes Rush, Jacks of London, The Head Shop In Cambridgeshire and The Fellowship Barbershop in Surrey. Proving his creativity and superb cutting capability, he has taken part in key events such as Durban Fashion Week, Cape Town Fashion Week, Wella Trend Vision, GHD Experts and Movember.



James who has a long-standing wealth of barbering experience, started off in the industry back seventeen years ago in 2000. He trained at infamous brands Trevor Sorbie and Haringtons where he trained in hairdressing and barbering.

Dedicated to working at Trevor Sorbie and Haringtons throughout his career, James built up an indispensable set of barbering skills that are extremely valuable to his Educator role here at LSB.



Matthew, who has close to twenty years experience since beginning back in 1998, has an eminent set of barbering skills that shows in his teaching style here at LSB as an Educator. He began his training at renowned brand Toni & Guy.

Since his successful training at Toni & Guy, he has accumulated amazing experience working for brands such as Rush, Tommy Guns, Joe & Co, Aono, and Jonny’s Chop Shop. He has also worked regularly at Salon International.



For someone who is only in the industry six years, he has proved that barbering is his natural forte with top notch cutting skills supported by rich knowledge. He began his journey into this industry as a student here at London School of Barbering.

After graduating with us, he went on to work for an array of barber shops in London, Northampton, Bromley and Hampshire. Barbershops he has worked at include Millers, Antonios, Fades. Leaun James and Grooms.



Yiannis started his barbering career after he completed his national service in the Cypriot Army in 2011. He knew hair was his calling after the army. He committed to a sixteen month ITEC course in hairdressing and barbering in Nicosia, while he worked as a Junior Stylist at one of the most renowned salons in the capital of Cyprus called Style Hair Salon.

In 2013, he moved to London to work as a freelance barber while completing his Masters NVQ 3 in barbering here at LSB to further his current barbering skill set and become the best he could be. His drive, passion and interest in the barbering industry even led him to study a year three course in Trichology Science. He has also participated in charity work for Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity.


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If you have any queries, or would like further information on any of our courses please don’t hesitate to contact us for free and friendly advice.