Combo Scissor, Clipper & Fading – 2 week NVQ2

Mon-Fri 10:30-17:00 / £1540 including VAT


Suitability: Hairdressers & Barbers with 1 or more years experience
Content: Fading & scissor work, hands-on cutting, demos, models provided
Goals: Create mens hairstyles with clippers & scissors.
Location: St Pauls-Farringdon Academy
Duration: 2 weeks with NVQ

This hands-on course is ideal for individuals wishing to learn the core fundamentals of clipper work and scissor work on men’s hairstyles.

In the first week you will complete about 15 to 20 real hands-on haircuts on models provided by the academy. With each cut you will have our pro trainer at your side giving direct feedback and support. You also will be provided educator demonstrations to break down our methods into easily learnable steps.

In the second week we will continue developing all of your cuts and also have you pass all assessments to earn a Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Barbering.

Suitability & Entry requirements: This course is suitable for barbers and hairdressers with 1 or more years experience in cutting men’s hair, including the use of clippers. It is not suitable for complete beginners. We accept overseas students visiting on tourist visas and can provide housing options.


Monday to Friday, 10:30-17:00

  • 12 December 2016 (Sold Out)
  • 06 February 2017 (Sold Out)
  • 13 March 2017 (5 Spaces Left)
  • 24 April 2017 (4 Spaces Left)
  • 5 June 2017 (4 Spaces Left)
  • 10 July 2017 (5 Spaces Left)


  • London School of Barbering Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Barbering



For cutting, your tutor will assess your level and cover clippering and fading techniques, blending with clipper over comb & scissor over comb, skin fades with zero grades, building shape with scissors, and texturising the top. You will practice these techniques on models provided to you under the support of our barber trainers. Additionally you will be provided demonstrations by the trainer.

Weekly Course structure:

Day 1: Demo of a graduated clipper cut with scissors on top. The trainer will breakdown the haircut into its parts and walk you through it step by step. It’s your time to ask away with questions! Thereafter, the trainer will review the tools that you will be using — your tapering & trimming clippers, scissors and combs. You will next practice the techniques shown doing real haircuts on live models under trainer supervision.

Day 2: Continue cutting hair on 4 to 6 live models provided to you for the day. You will have support of the trainers to verbally walk you through the steps of the cuts and support you as you do the cuts. At the end of the day you will sit down with the trainer for feedback.

Day 3: Demo of a skin fade. Again the trainer will breakdown the haircut into its parts, review the tools that you will be using, and thereafter you will practice the techniques shown doing real haircuts on live models under trainer supervision.

Days 4 and 5: Complete haircuts on 4 to 6 live models provided to you each day. The trainer will continue to support you and slowdown in areas that you are having issues with so that you can visually see how to achieve the look you’re going for. At the end of the day you will sit down with the trainer for feedback.


What equipment do I need to bring?

You will need tapering clippers, trimming clippers, scissors and combs. If you have these additional items then kindly bring them: neck brush, blow dryer, water spray. You also will be supplied a male manikin head to practice the LSB fundamentals.

Can you recommended any hotels?

If seeking accommodation then please consider the London Central City Travelodge at £150 per night which is near the Academy:

I live overseas. Can I take your course?

Yes all foreigners are welcome to take our courses. The course is taught in English, so it is best that you have a basic understanding of English, or you are welcome to bring along a translator.

How many students are there per group?

We limit each class size to 4 to 5 students. This ensures that you have lots of 1-on-1 support from the trainers and gain the expertise that makes you a great shaver for your salon.



November 2016

Great organisation and everyone that works here is lovely and very professional. Henry is a banging teacher! He’s very methodical and challenges you as you progress. He’s also a bit nuts which is great.


October 2016

Excellent! I will come back for the level 3 course.


September 2016

The course satisfied me 100% I have learned all the skills that I wanted to learn. The size of the course was perfect too, with no more than 5 people. All the teachers were super friendly but professional . The training was on point and their skills are insane. Thank you so much for letting me be apart of this. Take care.


September 2016

Amazing!! I was only meant to be doing the first week but was so happy with the knowledge of the educators and the way the course was ran, that I completed a second week. Thank you.


September 2016

My experience was amazing! All the teachers were friendly and supportive. I have learnt so much in the 2 weeks I was there and did not regret doing the course at all. I would highly recommend LSB to anyone and I feel so much more confident with my barbering now! Thank you so much!




August 2016

It was a great experience overall. I just wish I had done this earlier in life. Great educators, very friendly, helpful, they pay attention to your skills and turn you into a better barber. Thanks a ton.


June 2016

I loved it. Very helpful and a better standard has been set. I have loved it. Cheers Loads.


April 2016

The experience I had has been outstanding. The knowledge and confidence I have gained in such a short space of time has been incredible. The teachers expectations are high which pushes you to achieve far more than you believe you can. The skill of the educators is fantastic. I have attended courses before where the educators have great skills, but are not necessarily able to communicate them well to students. This is not the case at the LSB. They have a fantastic way of teaching which makes it easy for students to learn in a relaxed, comfortable, supportive environment. I feel that the skills I have learned have boosted my confidence and will provide me with the tools I need to progress my career in the future.

Thanks guys, you are amazing!!!


April 2016

Absolutely loved it! Henry our educator was spot on. explained everything thorough and I understood everything he was explaining. I would recommend highly to anyone for training and as a client awesome!


January 2016

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The amount I learned in one week here is mind blowing. Following the techniques Henry taught us make so much more sense and has made me a confident barber! I’m sad this is my last day. Thank you for this opportunity. It has changed the way I view barbering in the best way possible.


December 2015

It was the greatest experience of my barbering life. I had friendly teachers to get instructions and got lots of new techniques. Thanks a lot. I will definitely do the next step with this academy.


October 2015

I have loved this course. Stell has been informative, educational, polite, friendly and has managed his time between us well. Clipper Skills: All the techniques and processes that I was hoping to learn have been covered in depth. The flow of clients to mirror a real barber experience has been a very helpful tool. Shaving: Has been covered thoroughly. The processes in place has given me the structure I need to be able to continue this with confidence.


September 2015

Overall, it was outstanding. The tutors were very helpful and genuine, they go beyond in order for us pupils to get a better grasp of the technical overview. I think I can say that I got more than what I expected.


September 2015

It was great, I knew lots of the basics from the past, but needed to upgrade and re-fresh really, my weakness was cut throat razoring, but now that I know the method, I just need to keep practising, to get better. The environment and staff was A-class and can’t be faulted.


July 2015

I feel I have learnt a lot from the combo course, the teaching and guidance at LSB has been great, with a relaxed and comfortable learning atmosphere. I would not hesitate to recommend LSB to others.


May 2015

A fantastic experience, inspiring and motivating. Lots to take back to the salon. New ideas to try out and lots to practice. Stell was an exceptional educator, making everything easy to understand and follow. He has amazing patience! A brilliant week out of my comfort zone – I would definitely recommend this course to others.


May 2015

My course experience was excellent. I feel I learned what I came here for. I was taken well out of my comfort zone whcih is what I think a good course should do mainly.

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