Diploma in Barbering, NVQ2 – Beginner – 9wk, 28wk PT

Full Time, Daytime: 9 Weeks / £3,780 including VAT
Part Time, Evenings: 28 Weeks / £3,780 including VAT


INSTALMENT PAYMENTS available. Please see “Payment Options” tab for more information.

Become a certified barber

Suitability: Complete beginners wishing to become a shop-ready barber or men’s stylist. There are no entry requirements.

Content: Clipper work, fading, scissor work, razor touch ups, facial hair beard grooming, styling. You also will be provided access to our online training HUB where you will have access to videos, diagram and all curriculum materials to help reinforce the learning process.

Format: Educator demos combined with our unique hands-on barbershop approach that provides you an abundance of clients for cutting practice (up to 150 clients in total).

Goals: Get trained to a standard in which you can work immediately in a shop upon graduation, plus earn a Level 2 NVQ diploma in barbering.

Location: Covent Garden (full-time) and St. Pauls-Farringdon (full-time & part-time).

Duration: 9 weeks full-time, or 28 weeks part-time

Overseas Students: We accept overseas students visiting on tourist visas and can provide housing options. If you are from a country that is part of the European Union then you likely will be able to travel to the UK without obtaining a separate visa. If you are from outside of the EU then you will need to apply for a tourist travel visa form the UK government, which you can do here: www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa

We sell out quickly because no other trainer uses our proven hands-on approach – our training is the best. Book your place now.

We are closed UK bank holidays.


Full Time, Daytime:

9 Week Course Duration, Monday to Friday, 10:30-17:15

  • 18 April 201716 June 2017 (Sold Out)
  • 08 May 201707 July 2017 (Sold Out)
  • 30 May 201728 July 2017 (Sold Out)
  • 19 June 201718 August 2017 (9 Spaces Left)
  • 10 July 201708 September 2017 (9 Spaces Left)
  • 31 July 201729 September 2017 (9 Spaces Left)
  • 21 August 201720 October 2017 (9 Spaces Left)
  • 11 September 201710 November 2017 (9 Spaces Left)
  • 02 October 201701 December 2017 (9 Spaces Left)
  • 23 October 201722 December 2017 (9 Spaces Left)
  • 13 November 201712 January 2018 (9 Spaces Left)

Part Time, Evenings:

28 Weeks, Monday & Tuesday nights, 18:00-21:00

  • 06 March 201712 September 2017 (Sold Out)
  • 15 May 201721 Nov 2017 (1 Space Left)
  • 17 July 201730 Jan 2018 (1 Space Left)


  • London School of Barbering Diploma in Barbering Level 2
  • ITEC Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Barbering


This is the most thorough and popular barbering course available in the market. You will not only earn an NVQ diploma in barbering, but you will also be trained to a standard well above this that readies you to work immediately in a shop upon graduation. This course is 99% practical training which means you won’t be spending all your time in books studying theory.

We use a results-driven training approach that is entirely hands-on. You will complete up to 150 real haircuts on clients supplied by the academy, with our pro educators by your side at all times to supervise, build confidence, progress your skill level and deliver exceptional results. You will learn the foundations of barbering including cutting mens hair with clippers and scissors, fading, shampooing, beard trimming and delivering a thorough consultation. You will execute advanced hair styles like zero-fades and razor touch-ups. You finish the course cutting hair at a premium standard sufficient to work immediately cutting men’s hair in a shop.

Highlights include:

  • Perform up to 150 haircuts on real live clients — multiple times more than any other provider.
  • Learn techniques such as scissor-over-comb, clipper work, fading, layering and texturising.
  • Class size of 6 to 10 students, taught by professional barbers.
  • Students of all ages and both genders.

Course structure:

  • Stage 1 – Learn cutting techniques on training headblocks and watch expert demos; deconstruct the steps of haircuts; completion of theoretical coursework and exams.
  • Stage 2 – Transition haircuts from headblocks onto real live clients – focus on techniques such as scissor-over-comb, clipper work, fading, layering and texturising; teacher support with common mistakes and challenges. At this stage you will be assessed on your haircuts to be completed to standards sufficient to earn your NVQ Level 2 qualification.
  • Stage 3 – Become proficient in haircuts, learn tricks of the trade, and personalise haircuts; teacher support with refining cutting techniques; focus on finishing and cutting speed. You will be assessed on the overall quality of your haircuts that must be passed to an LSB standard, based on a range of 10 factors. For the daytime course, at the end of week 9 you will participate in a class competition where you will present your best haircut against peers and be rated. The outcomes of this final stage will determine your final grade for your LSB Diploma in Barbering Level 2 certificate.

By the end of the course you will be confident and experienced after completing up to 150 real live haircuts (depending on student speed), under the support of exceptional barber trainers. We provide students all clients which means that you spend your time focused on developing your skill.

Get more than just an NVQ. This course helps you master the skills needed to work in a barber shop or men’s salon. You will earn more than just an NVQ Level 2 in Barbering. You will also learn NVQ level 3 skills on our course that are essential to being a barber, such as advanced haircutting techniques like zero-fades and disconnected cuts. The Level 2 NVQ Diploma is an internationally recognised qualification which helps you find work not just in the UK but also abroad. NVQ barbering courses cannot be failed, as long as you put in the time and effort in, you will achieve it.

We provide support to help you find a job. We are here to help you not only learn the skills but to succeed in employment. This involves helping you build a photo portfolio of your cuts. We also give you access to our network of barbershops who recruit from our graduates. After the course, our students go on to getting jobs at barbershops, and some even have since opened their own shops and are doing well.

Our Complete Barbering course includes the following content:

  • Cutting techniques – classic and creative
  • Scissor work – to build the structure of a haircut
  • Clipper work – clipper over comb, fading, zero-fades
  • Razor touch ups, beard and moustache trimming
  • Shampooing and conditioning the hair and scalp
  • Consultation skills
  • Health & Safety
  • Style, dress and finishing techniques
  • Job search skills – branding yourself as a barber


How much does equipment cost?

Students can purchase the entire required kit of barber-grade equipment from our school for £360 (versus a £450 retail price). This includes scissors, tapering and detailer clippers, combs, 2 training heads, a blowdryer, a cutthroat kit, and other items. Alternatively, students are welcome to supply their own equipment. On course booking you will be provided a full kit list to review.

Will I really be job ready after the course?

Yes you will be job ready upon course completion. Our course is about the same number of hours as a training college, but with LSB you have more trainers on hand for support, the trainers are real barbers, you complete up to 150 haircuts, and you don’t have to provide any clients yourself. We have a strong track record of our graduates going straight into jobs as barbers in barbershops, movie-sets, bands, etc.

How much experience is required for the course?

This course is suitable for both beginners and those with some experience. We will teach you our cutting techniques from scratch and you will practice these on real clients under the supervision of our professional barber trainers. If an individual has some prior experience then we can fast-track them onto real haircuts.

Can you help with housing?

Certainly. We partner with a housing provider who manages several private or shared rooms in London residences, each renting at £110 per week, and within a 35-minute direct commute to the Academy. Her name is Pat and she can be contacted directly on +44 (0) 7951 789836. This is a great resource for overseas students.

Can I get an NVQ diploma in barbering even though I'm a foreigner?

Yes you can. The NVQ Diploma can be awarded to people of all nationalities. The qualification is a competency-based award in the UK, and many non-UK countries recognise it.

How many haircuts will I do on the course?

You can expect to complete up to 150 haircuts during this course. We provide you all these clients. The key to becoming a good barber is practice, so we maximise the number of haircuts that you do.

Can I leave my equipment at the Academy overnight?

All full-time daytime students are provided a locker to store their belongings in overnight. The locker is large enough to fit all barbering equipment, a backpack, and a coat. We ask part-time evening students to carry their equipment home with them.

Are you closed bank holidays?

We are closed on bank holiday Mondays — Training for part-time evening course will be moved from the Monday night to the Wednesday night of the bank holiday week.

We are open on bank holiday Fridays.

We also are closed for the week between Christmas and New Years. For 9-week & 28-week courses running over this week, we add an extra week to the end of your course to compensate for the missed week.

Can I defer my course start date?

Courses are non-cancellable and non-deferrable. All payments made are final and non-refundable.

Is there lots of theory on the course?

There is about 15 hours of theory-based training and study to be done at-home. The rest of the training at the Academy is 100% practical, during which you will absorb the theory in a hands-on manner. The best way to learn the theory is to apply it while doing a haircut and interacting with the client.

I am a foreigner. Can I train with you?

Yes we accept students from across the globe, as far as South America, Asia, Australia, Africa and North America. If you want to become a barber then we are happy to train you. The only requirement is that you speak enough english to understand our teachers.

What are the license requirements to legally work in London as a barber? Do my hours from the U.S. transfer?

Each state has its own process to recognise hours earned overseas. We’ve had a strong track record of Americans training with us and receiving reciprocity for their hours. The process typically entails the learner completing a form for their state board after training with LSB, and LSB provides a letter of reference confirming their hours and modules covered.



April 2017

Had a wonderful experience.

Met some lovely people. Everyone was friendly and welcoming. Great support when needed.

Always learnt something new every day!

Will definitely recommend!

Thank you!


April 2017

Life changing!


April 2017

Awesome. Great teachers, delivery and guidance.

Highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn the trade of barbering.


April 2017

Really really good! Great bunch of teachers and class mates. Going to miss it.

Feel barber ready too which is great.


April 2017

Excellent experience, learnt so much.

Sad it has gone so fast.

Thank you.


February 2017

I had literally no experience in barbering before i entered this 9 week course. Now due to excellent facilities and very high level of training I feel I can work in the industry with the fundamentals of the trade I learned from this course.

Thank you to everyone at the LSB and I would definitely recommend this to anyone thinking of becoming a barber.




February 2017

Before LSB with my previous experience i thought i had it in the bag but, LSB taught me a whole new way to it all and i can’t thank the whole of LSB family enough for what they have done for me.

Love you all and thank you for everything god bless you all and i hope the best for everyone i met here.


January 2017

Loved it been amazing – and so excited to start my new barbering career!

Big thank you to Pan, Pav and Bryony for amazing teaching, wouldnt of done it without them!


January 2017

For me these 9 weeks were pretty amazing.

the educators were spot on Pav, Michael, Jordan, Panos, B and Amir ( the ones i got the pleasure of working with)


December 2016

Really intense in the start but i am happy i pushed myself to a result, i want to do level 3 Masters in the future as i want to gain more skills.

The course gave me a lot of motivation to the life outside, i am looking forward to working as a barber.

I want to thank Amir a lot for his support and skills.

And thanks to Mike and Justis for founding LSB!


December 2016



Cannot believe how much i have progressed thanks to the LSB team (Amir, Katie, B, Jordan).

Really confident to get into the barbering industry.


Thank you LSB


December 2016

It exceeded my expectations.

The staff were amazing.

I feel ready to enter a shop and keep learning!



From knowing nothing about barbering to finishing the course i have had an amazing experience right from my first day. The educators make it, they are passionate about what they do which really comes across and helps learning the skills easier. I have met some good friends and can’t wait to get a barbering job in Bristol.

Thank . you so much it has been amazing!!


December 2016

My experience at LSB has been fantastic. The teachers were supportive of my individual needs and taught me a variety of techniques, not just the easiest, and some salon tips.

I have been blown away by the pace at which i have learnt a whole new skill with such confidence.

Thanks to Pan, Pav, Amir, Bee and Katy.


December 2016

I have really enjoyed my time at LSB, I feel i have learnt a huge amount in a short space of time and made a few good friends at the same time.

I am now considering coming back for my Level 3 at some point.

Thank you!


November 2016

Had a sick time on the course, the level of experience and knowledge of the tutors was amazing. All of them were helpful and engaging.


November 2016

Over the course of 9 weeks I feel like I have changed completely on an outlook of being a barber. This course is very good and the lectures are brilliant. Although it may come across hard, they all want you to strive and do the best you can. It does sink in!


November 2016

Fantastic, all the educators are great – especially Pan as he made every day enjoyable and I learnt and progressed so much with him. The equipment and facilities are amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better place. Thank you.


October 2016

I started this course with very little experience in cutting hair and hoped to be trained to a high enough standard to work in a shop. I am now confident that I could do this and that my haircuts are all completed to a very high standard. Thanks so much guys!


October 2016

The course was great fun. Met new people from all over the world, couldn’t believe how much you can learn in 9 weeks. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in doing barbering. Enjoyed every single day of it.


September 2016

I loved this course, I would do it all over gain. You can walk in not knowing how to hold scissors and by the end and by the end you can completely cut hair. It is a proven course, it works and I loved it. The trainers are top notch! I am going to miss my LSB Family!


September 2016

Overall the course has been inspiring its been fantastic to learn brand new skills for starting a new career. The trainers have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share and constantly on hand to support.


August 2016

Enjoyed this course very much, was an absolute pleasure to work alongside some lovely people, and talented and knowledgable educators. I have never picked up scissors or clippers when I started the course, but was guided through each stage, until my cuts were of a good standard. Very patient and supportive staff, lovely environment to learn in.


July 2016

I really enjoyed my time at LSB I have massively improved my barbering skills. When I first came here I didn’t know if barbering was for me. However 9weeks later I am now very sure that I made the right decision. I would strongly recommend London School of Barbering to anyone who is thinking about taking a career in barbering.

I would like to thank all educators for their patience and all their help, it has helped me become the barber I am now. I am really looking forward to when I come back to do my level 3.


July 2016

My experience at LSB has been great, I have learnt so much in the past 9 weeks. To think that I’ve never cut hair before this, to becoming shop ready is amazing. Would recommend to anyone and will never forget my first chapter in barbering with LSB! Thanks for everything.


July 2016

Very enjoyable. All the educators had their own style of teaching which complemented each stage of the course they were teaching. The whole environment is really positive and a pleasure to be in daily. It’s really amazing how much you learn in just 9 weeks and that really is a credit to the educators for constantly pushing students and I really feel they pushed me to achieve my best work! Loved every minute!


July 2016

Amazing! I’m from Italy and I arrived in London just for this academy, you can feel the passion for teaching and barbering. I love LSB! Thank you very much, thanks Pav, Pan, Ruby, Mike and Billy.


June 2016

Coming from knowing nothing to being able to produce good quality cut in 9week is just an amazing experience. All the teachers and ambience in the shop support you to be better day by day. No matter where you came from, its like one big family.


June 2016

Having never done barbering before, I was starting from scratch. The educators at Covent Garden were helpful and supportive  and I wish i’d done it years ago. I really enjoyed the course and excited to be heading out to start a new chapter and career.


May 2016

Coming to LSB from America, was hands down the best decision I’ve ever made. I knew I wanted a career in barbering for years and when I started here, the passion ignited and has never stopped growing. Everything about the course was everything I ever wanted and more.


May 2016

One of the best things I have done in a long time. I feel confident in my ability to get a job and I will honestly miss coming in everyday. I have made some great friends and have thoroughly enjoyed working with Pan, Pav and Ruby.


April 2016

I really enjoyed the course. I thought the way everything was taught in steps was really helpful and allows me to apply what I have learnt to any haircut. I found all the educators skilled and knowledgable and happy to share their experience and knowledge.


April 2016

Throughly enjoyable, educational and inspiring to know that I have been given all the tools to commence a new journey. It was exciting, challenging and daunting but had all the ingredients needed to push me forward. Great experience!


March 2016

I arrived not expecting much, but when the trainers welcomed you with open arms I really enjoyed it. It’s miraculous how much you can learn in nine weeks. To be a complete novice at arrival and then out job ready is something you have to experience to understand.


February 2016

The course has been a really enjoyable roller-coaster. I’ve loved every minute of it although my nerves have taken a beating. I really appreciate all of the trainers patience and input. You’ve all made this 9 weeks exciting and enjoyable and I can’t wait to start a career in the industry. I’d definitely recommend this course to anyone that is interested.

Thanks Guys!


February 2016

I had no experience prior to taking the course and haven’t taken anything as intense. The course is extremely well structured so that each day you build on an ever growing knowledge base, the fact that its split into groupings of three weeks blocks means its easy to track personal progress and learn from different teachers with different skill sets. The main asset of the course is the teachers, my personal experience with each one was outstanding, they managed the pacing of different students, varying confident levels and stages of learning. They all seemed to know exactly when you need a push or a kind word. I came a trade/craft and was lucky enough to be a tight by artists.


January 2016

My course experience was fantastic! I felt very welcomed and LSB became like my second home. I thoroughly enjoyed working with my LSB tutors and would love to come back for another course. My tutors changed my life for the better and will always remember how great the school is, also I would recommend to anyone who wants to take up barbering. LSB is always very air conditioned to a good room temperature, which helps so you’re not always hot.

Payment Options

Booking your course, without financing

Please use the red BOOK NOW button on this page to book your course without any financing. You will then pay a non-refundable deposit of £400 to reserve your space. Thereafter you will be invoiced to pay your remaining balance due no later than TWO WEEKS before your first day of training at the academy, otherwise you risk forfeiting your space on the course. Courses booked just prior to their start will have fees due within 1 to 3 business days.

After booking you will receive a welcome email within 1 business day, in which we will include course materials and housing options. You also need a professional barbering kit for your course which we can supply at a trade price of £360, but you are also welcome to source it yourself at the retail price of £450.

Early Bird Special: Book your course 4 months or more in advance and receive £100 discount. This early bird special is not valid with the instalment option.

Booking your course, using financing instalments (UK residents only)

We are happy to offer the ability to pay for your course in instalments over a 24-month period. To qualify, you or the applicant representing you must meet the following minimum requirements, otherwise you will be automatically declined:

  • a source of income
  • 21 years or older
  • UK resident or citizen

Payments consist of a deposit of either 10% or 50%, followed by 24 equal monthly payments starting within 30 days. The interest rate (APR) on the financing is 14.9%, which equates to £48.44 per month for every £1000 borrowed. You also can include the barbering equipment kit in the financing if you wish.

To apply, email the following information to admin@londonschoolofbarbering.com

  • course name
  • desired course start date
  • name
  • mobile number
  • email address
  • deposit percentage (10% or 50%)
  • equipment (include or exclude)

After sending this information, you will be emailed an application within 1 business day. If you are approved then your deposit will be taken immediately and the remaining monthly payments will start 30 days thereafter.

Financing can only be applied to courses starting 14 days or more in advance.

Payment methods

  • bank transfer (non-UK transfers please add a £15 international transfer fee to cover your bank charges)
  • cash
  • credit/debit card/paypal (adds a 3% processing fee)

Career Development Loans

Our Level 2 course is eligible for career development loan funding through the Cooperative Bank. You must be 18 years old or more to apply, and also be a UK citizen. When applying you must provide our PCDL registration number: 21172. Kindly see their website for an application: http://www.co-operativebank.co.uk/loans/career-development-loan

Our courses are not eligible for government funding, apprenticeship funding, or 24+ advanced learning loan funding.

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