Advantages Of Selling Hair Products In Your Barbershop

Inevitably, we all know that giving a top quality and super sharp haircut is the bread and butter of any successful barbershop. However, with the barbering industry flooded with exceptional talent and the continual rise of new barbershops opening up on the scene, barbers have to be on top of their barbering game; offering an all round service that will encourage client retention. Selling hair products for men as an additional service has plenty of benefits and can increase the popularity of your barbershop.

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In a super competitive industry of hair care products, men are faced with an endless range of products, so it can be tricky for them sometimes to decide what hair products are best for their barnet. If you sell hair products for men in your barbershop, this is a bonus for your client and it means they can avoid having to stand in front of a lot of hair products, trying to figure out which ones they should purchase.

Our Head Educator Pavlos Hadjisoteris here at London School of Barbering reveals five advantages of selling hair products in your barbershop. He has worked in the hair industry for nearly fifteen years, so he knows a thing or two about selling hair products for men and has even picked up some tricks over the years. Read on to find out what you might be missing out on, if you’re currently not selling hair care products for men in your barbershop.

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Client Retention & Trust

Client retention and trust is a no brainer for the longevity and success of your barbershop. If you have the capability to provide outstanding product knowledge and sell your client the right product, you have automatically created trust with your client. Creating trust with your clients will always lead to good levels of client retention. If you ensure that you are highly knowledgeable in hair products; it becomes a secondary service, along with providing a great haircut.

Pavlos’s top tip for selling hair products is to listen carefully to your client during the consultation process. It is your responsibility to have a clear understanding of all the hair products you are selling, as you don’t want to make the mistake of selling your client the wrong product. Selling the wrong product can send out bad signals about you as a professional and knowledgeable barber, while it may also cause your client to believe that you are only selling products for money making purposes. The delivery is key in how you sell your hair care products to your clients.

Recreating The Hairstyle At Home

By selling the right hair products at your barbershop, you are giving your client the reassurance that they can recreate the hairstyle you have given them at home, which is an added plus for your client. Men will want the flexibility of recreating the finished hairstyle that you have given them at home, especially when you have given them a haircut that they are chuffed with. Therefore, by selling them hair products that you have used, you are giving them the tools and confidence to recreate this hairstyle by themselves.

Understanding Your Clients Needs

When you sell hair products at your barbershop, you can almost feel like a product prescriber. The expertise you can have in hair product knowledge means that you are prescribing the best hair products to suit your client’s hair condition and lifestyle.

Pavlos explains that the best approach to learning more about your client’s hair habits is by asking them questions at the start of the appointment, before you start cutting their hair like: ‘how do you usually style your hair?’, ‘what products are you currently using?’ and ‘are you having any trouble with styling your hair at the moment?’.

If your client can answer these questions for you, it will enable you to go that one step further as a barber; you’ll be giving them expert tips on products to use and the application process to achieve better-styled and healthier hair.

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Hair Product Demonstration

Another value that comes to mind when selling hair products in your barbershop is the customer satisfaction and trust it instils in your clientele. There is a notable difference when buying hair products in a barbershop compared to a retailer or online. A helpful product demonstration is received off your client in a barbershop environment with their purchase, which they won’t get when purchasing from a retailer or online.

Men often misunderstand understanding the application of hair care products, so this is where you step in as a professional barber. When you are able to give them expert advice and physically show them how to apply the product, your client is going to leave informed, happy and confident with their purchase.

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Versatility Of Hairstyles At Home

Men these days do like flexibility in their grooming routine. By selling a wide range of hair products at your barbershop, you are giving men the opportunity to create more than just one hairstyle look at home.

By offering them a range of hair products and advice, it means they can bring home hair care products and knowledge in order to sustain different looks for whatever occasion they have on.

If you are already a budding barber looking to enhance your career, then visit our barbering courses page to find out the London School of Barbering can help you take your skills to the next level!

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