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Clipper Basics

Clippers are one of the most important tools at a barber’s disposal. Read on for the key uses for clippers and insider tips on how to master the art. 1. Removing weight   Fundamental clipper work involves removing weight, whilst creating a suitable shape for your client. The movement of the clipper will also dictate the […]

Barbering as a job option for service leavers

One of the main challenges facing members of the service when they complete their tour of duty is a simple question. What comes next? Typical ex military jobs include everything from working in private security to engineering, using the skills obtained during your time in the forces. However, another option is to start fresh by […]

November, Movember

We’re deep into November. Movember, no shave no shave November – the month where gents decide to go unshaven to raise awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. Whether you’re growing your moustache or a whole beard… You’re a hero to us. Remember to donate the money you would have spent on shaving and grooming!   […]

Vince Garcia – U.S Celebrity Barber Sensation

We are over the moon to announce that we have celebrity barber sensation Vince Garcia joining us here at London School of Barbering on Wednesday 28th February. He is hosting an exclusive 1 day barber workshop, where he will be carrying out a hair demonstration and giving an insightful talk on his story, along with […]

Best Men’s hairstyles for all face shapes

So you might have thought it was a good idea to get the buzz cut that you saw Tom Hardy sporting, or the long hair kind of rock and roll look that Johnny Depp seems to opt for on most occasions, but perhaps you didn’t check if that hairstyle would actually suit your own face […]

Ways to Differentiate your Barber Shop

There are numerous factors which can influence your barbershop’s chances of success, but as you’re getting started one of the most important is finding a way to differentiate it from the competition. Whether it’s a unique methodology that you employ, a specific type of hair that you work on, or exclusive products that you work […]

Guide: How to talk to your barber

Do you put off a trip to the barbershop because you get intimidated by the lingo? Do you often look in the mirror at home only to see a haircut or style that’s not quite what you had in mind? Here at London School of Barbering, we understand the importance of good client consultation and […]

How Do I tell my barber what I want? – Get the Perfect Haircut!

Ever sat down in the barber’s or hairstylist’s chair and not know the answer to the age-old question, “what are you having done today? Or did you recently change barbers or decide to change it up and go for a different style and struggle to discuss with your barber/stylist. Chances are you are not alone, […]


  Introducing LSB Ambassador Charlotte. Before Charlotte completed her 12-week course at London School of Barbering she had just finished a 2-year apprenticeship in hairdressing. Whilst studying hairdressing she entered a national hair colour competition and came third place. After she qualified in hairdressing she just knew she wanted to become a barber. Initially she […]

Short Graduation

A classic style, the short graduation is also known as a tapered or short business man’s cut. With this common men’s hair style, the hair is left long enough to be able to come on top and then tapers down in length around the neck and ears. The major benefit of a short graduation is […]