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Barbering as a job option for service leavers

One of the main challenges facing members of the service when they complete their tour of duty is a simple question. What comes next? Typical ex military jobs include everything from working in private security to engineering, using the skills obtained during your time in the forces. However, another option is to start fresh by earning new qualifications.

The best course for someone leaving or still serving in the military who have no hair cutting experience is our BEGINNER TO MASTERS COURSE – Masters in Barbering, NVQ Level 2 & 3.
This course is for beginners and it combines our 9 week beginner  Level 2  and the master 3 week Level 3 courses back-to-back. The main topics covered on the course include scissor cuts, skin fading, foil fading, razor touch ups, facial hair, beard trimming, cut throat wet shaving and advanced men’s haircuts and styling. It runs full-time over 12 weeks Monday to Friday.

Course fee: £4950

ELCAS only funds the NVQ3 3 week stand alone course. As a beginner you would need to do the 12 week course, which is an NVQ2 & 3 as a 12 week programme.
You would need to pay a big portion of the fees and ELCAS will fund approx £1920.00 (which would cover majority for the NVQ3 course only fee). So with the funding the student will need to pay £3030.

Should you wish to find out more about how to claim credits please visit:

In addition to this, another charity that can provide help with funding on top of what you may claim from ELCAS is:

ABF The Soldiers’ Charity.

Who is eligible?

  • Members and former members of the British Regular Army who have normally completed adult basic training. Exceptionally, individuals who are medically discharged as a direct result of an injury sustained during this period will also be supported.
  • Dependant spouses/civil partners, widows, widowers, children and other immediate dependants.
  • Members and former members of the British Army Reserve (and their dependants as outlined above) providing they have completed one year’s satisfactory service which will have included Phase 1 training. Exceptionally, for a lesser period if the death, injury or distress arises from any action or incident whilst on military duty or the soldier had deployed on a designated operation.

Generally, cases will initially be submitted to the appropriate Regimental Headquarters. We provide support through our partnership of Regimental and Corps Benevolent charities.

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Explore your options

As you start sifting through the listings for ex forces jobs, you will notice a broad range of possibilities. As an ex service member, boosting your qualifications by going back to school can yield even more options. If you enjoy working with the public, making people feel good about themselves, and being your own boss, you might want to consider a career as a barber. We would highly recommend that you take our Masters in Barbering NVQ2&3

The benefits of becoming a barber

It may seem at first glance that becoming a barber and serving in the military have nothing in common. But for servicemen accustomed to the banter and camaraderie of the armed forces, becoming a barber can actually be a natural fit! Like the army, working as a barber can involve interacting with others from all different classes and backgrounds. You’ll get to refine your banter as you socialise with your clients, making contacts with people from all over the world. If you miss the travel opportunities of the military, barbering can also be an excellent career choice. As an experienced barber, it’s possible to work pretty much anywhere in the world, allowing you to travel and obtain your work visa.

Further benefits of working as a barber include the ability to set your own flexible hours, own your own business, and enjoy a varied work environment where every day presents new challenges. Although barbering may not immediately spring to mind when looking at ex forces jobs, it can actually provide quite a smooth transition.


Become an army barber

There are even openings for barbers within the army itself! Do you miss the routine of the military? You might want to look at army jobs for civilians, which could include being an onsite barber. The military carries a specific grooming standard for its soldiers, which means there’s a high demand for barbers qualified to keep everyone up to uniform standards. The “high and tight” haircut may be trendy in London salons, but it stems from the military buzz cut. As a former service member, you may be a shoo-in for army jobs of this nature, which give you the routine and atmosphere of the army with the flexibility of civilian life.

Making the transition from military to civilian life can be tough, so it helps to have concrete qualifications to fall back to help you find the right ex military jobs for you. Barber courses teach hands-on, transferable skills that can be used in many different settings. For those ex service members with an interest in a career that involves flexibility, self-sufficiency, and travel opportunities, it’s certainly an option worth exploring.


If you are looking to become a barber, or know someone who may make a good barber, then click below to see what it takes: