Barber Industry Interview – Guest Judge Mich Lange

Mich Lange, who is a former student and now a top class barber travelled to London School of Barbering to be one of our special guest judges for our wicked fade competition that took place on Friday 23rd March. He now works at House of Homme in Devon, where he passionately dishes out cool haircuts for men every week and enjoys advising his clients on suitable styles that will make them look and feel great!

Mich lives and breathes barbering with dedication to continually provide the best service for his clients and reveals that he is always watching videos on Instagram on different barber cuts. He completed our NVQ 2 Diploma beginner’s course here at London’s renown barbering academy, nearly two years ago now. Within this short space of time, he has established his barber career as a professional barber in the industry and has earned respect as a talented and reliable barber in his barbering community and even from more established barbers that he looks up to. He was over the moon with the opportunity to take part as a judge here at London School of Barbering, where he started his journey into the barbering industry and received his foundations in barbering.

He really enjoyed co-judging the fade competition and he admits that he found it quite difficult in choosing winners, as the standards were incredibly high and impressive. He can see that our barbering courses are getting better and better. Our students were on fire; showing off what they have been taught on the 9 weeks of their course and creating amazing haircuts that were full of detail and sharpness, while most importantly being to a barbershop standard. All of our students remained calm under the pressure of having an expert eye watch over them, while they were working to a strict deadline of getting their haircut perfected and completed in one hour and no less. Mich talks about what he was doing before barbering, his experience of learning the trade at LSB, the quality of the cuts he seen today, LSB’s approach to training in a functioning barbershop and what he enjoys about being a barber, among other things. Read his exclusive interview below:

LSB: What is your name and where do you work?
LSB: My name is Mich Lange and I work at a place called House of Homme and that’s in Paignton, down in Devon.

LSB: What were you doing before barbering?
ML: I was in, eh what did I do? What haven’t I done (laughs). I’ve done door work, DJing and I still do DJing, not wedding DJing and then I was in sales. I just sort of… when I was going to my barber, I seen the fun they had, I was following them on Instagram and stuff, em, Snapchat and it just looked like a fun industry and I’m a creative guy anyway. I actually contemplated doing it straight out of college. Em, I was actually… but back then there’s no barbering courses. It was more hairdressing. So I was like humming and harring what to do, but instead I took the path of doing…. em I played football, I mean locally. But I wished looking back, in hindsight, I wish I had done the old hairdressing.

LSB: Tell us about your experience learning the trade at LSB?
ML: I had a friend luckily, I didn’t know where, I knew what I wanted to do, I wanted to be a barber. And I was looking at courses and I was looking at things; ways to go and a friend of mine turned around and said you know,  I found out that he did it through LSB, and luckily he was my barber and a friend as well. And he was telling me about it and I thought let’s just go for it. So I sort of… yeah I got the money together and you know I thought let’s just go for it, you know. And yeah It’s been brilliant and I haven’t looked back since, it was wicked.

LSB: What would you say to someone starting their career studying at LSB?
ML: Yeah, do it definitely! Yeah, I wish I done it sooner you know, that’s all I can really say. It’s brilliant, you work for yourself, you’ve got the potential. Em I mean you know, I do it for the love of it. If I won the lottery, I’d still do it for free you know, but there’s a lot of money to be made as well you know. Like working for yourself and then from that, keep growing, have your own shop, get people in there, maybe look at education. There’s different ways you know, depending on what you want to do really, individually.

LSB: What did it feel like being a judge today at LSB?
ML: I felt great, yeah really good. This is kind of what I want to do like. You know I see a lot of people I look up to to within the barbering industry. I see him doing things like maybe cutting on shows, maybe doing this sort of thing and it was just brilliant. This is the sort of stuff I want to do in the future. So for me, this is coming back to where I started and it’s like the start of what I want to continue to do, this sort of judging type stuff and you know, just inspiring others really and yeah, I just love it. It’s kind of good to come back to where I was first taught.

LSB: What did you think about the quality of the cuts you saw at LSB?
ML: Really good, yeah really really good. It was hard, me and the other co-judge that I was judging with, we found it a difficult decision, yeah it was hard to pick between them. Each for different qualities. So we had to go back, as far as looking as before the cut was cut. And then sort of see how the change was, we had to look into all sorts you know what I mean, it was good.

LSB: Tell us about LSB’s approach to training in a functioning barbershop?
ML: I think that’s the way, I think it’s an industry where it’s very practical. So you can you can be as good as you are talking it or maybe on paper, but you’ve got to be doing it practically to be able to advance and that’s why it’s so good, because you’re working within that industry. You’re thrown into the deep essentially, you know you got to do it to timings you know it’s brilliant; it’s absolutely brilliant. It’s a great method and that’s why I picked it. I’ve had other people who’ve gone down other roots i.e. College, so they’ve got the methods practically at the level 2, they’ve got it on paper, but they can’t cut, you know that’s the difference because they are not cutting. So it’s a great way of doing it.

LSB: What do you think about the educators at LSB?
ML: A great bunch, everyone was so passionate, just sitting there, watching even the level 3 doing the mood boards and things like that. The passion in the trainers, yeah it’s real good. I think that’s why people are coming out you know at the sort of level they are.

LSB: What do you like most about being a barber?
ML: It’s just… I love the fashion side of things. I love to create this sort of….I like to sort of take somebody, whether they be a new client and then transform them. Bring out their sort of suitability for that individual. You know because a haircut can change someone massively, you know. I love to joke around, I’m like you know, you can pull the ladies now to have a joke. You know but it’s true, it can really change someone. And I love that when you’ve sort of done a cut on them, they’re like oh my god, that’s amazing. Even when they are thinning or something, but maybe try and teach them ways to do it better with what they have because it’s a horrible sort of thought like that’s happening, but if you show them ways to improve it….. I’ve had people buzzing you know and absolutely buzzing where I’ve showed them you know, it’s just great, I love it!

LSB: How would you describe the job in one word?
ML: I don’t know, unreal is coming to mind. I just love the industry you know, I sort of… if I’m not cutting I’m looking on Instagram, I’m looking at new cuts, you know. Me personally, maybe I’ve advanced so much in the two years, despite me cutting one day a week, two days a week is because I’ve got the love for it, you know. This old dog new tricks you know ahhh. If you want to learn it, you can learn anything. You know look at me, I couldn’t even hold a pair of kitchen scissors, well not that well you know and then I’ve come out and I’m sort of smashing the cuts. You know the high quality of cuts of people that I look up to, they’re saying like you know, I like the nice cuts you’re doing and that inspires me to keep going.

If you’re currently looking at training courses to learn barbering as a new career or to refine your current barbering skills, take a look at our barbering courses page to find the right course for you.

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