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Company: Barber mohaimen
Job Role: Barber shop manager
Location: Ready to travel
Employment: Full Time
Hours & Days: 7 Day 30 days a month
Start Date: As soon as possible
Salary: Discussed
Posted: 1 month ago
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e: [email protected]
t: 009647723766532
Contact Name : Mohaimen

Hello sir, Muhaimin Salon Company provides 10 years of experience in the field of shaving for men, women and children. Attention to customer demand. Adept at interpreting requests and achieving superior results for the purpose of increasing revenue. The salon cleans excellently and fills shelves with products. Skin care hair coloring for men and women without scalp sensitivity. Poetry I care about early booking with the customer. I work 7 days a week over 10 hours a day. Customer requests are executed based on their wishes. I am ready to travel and work in Europe, Canada, Australia or the USA. I also bear all travel, visa and other costs. Please agree to a work contract
Email address:
Phone: 009647723766532

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