Established 2012

Barber shop Themes and Ideas

In order to stand out from the competition and attract a specific demographic of customer, barbershops can be decorated in a corresponding theme. Choosing a decorative theme allows you to create a unique environment in the shop that caters to your client base. A barbershop’s décor is important not only to assist with the function of your business and draw in new clients, but it also helps create a certain atmosphere and can influence the mood of your staff and customers alike. The following are a few popular themes, along with some additional decorating tips.


Sports Theme

If you’re looking for a crowd-pleasing theme, look no further than the world of sporting events. Hang photos of famous footballers or outfit the barbershop in the colours of your favourite team. Staff can wear jerseys and you can broadcast games on televisions within the shop. Follow up with this theme by offering game day discounts for clients or even selling tickets to local events.

Old School Barbershop Theme

Part of the allure of a barbershop is its vintage heritage, which is why a traditional, retro-styled theme can be so successful. Antique metal signs, an old-fashioned striped barber pole, and overstuffed leather furniture can all contribute to a unique atmosphere. You can further enhance this atmosphere with one-of-a-kind decorations like vintage globes, old photographs, rotary phones, and sturdy oak cabinets.  For an old-school barbershop that’s rustic without feeling musty, you can combine these vintage accents with modern equipment.

Business Theme

Do you cut hair for a predominantly corporate clientele? Decorate your barbershop in a sleek, Wall Street-inspired theme that puts an emphasis on the power lunch. Lunchtime specials can make it easy for business-oriented customers to walk in and out for a quick shave. Offer issues of the Economist and the Wall Street Journal to peruse, and mount display televisions tuned to international finance channels.

Rock Star Theme

If you cater to a young, edgy crowd you could do up your barbershop in a rock star-themed style. Hang framed concert and rock band posters on the walls, or vintage vinyl records. Go for a hint of 80’s excess with leopard print and crushed velvet seats, or aim for the rockabilly era with a working jukebox, neon lights, and prominently displayed hair pomades and waxes for sale.

Tips for Success

No matter what theme you choose, there are a few basic design tips that can make your shop more successful. It’s best to pick a colour scheme of just two or three colours, which can be maintained throughout the barbershop. These can be used in the frames, walls, furniture, and equipment for a cohesive look. Be sure to include plenty of comfortable seating, as your clients may bring their friends along; and group similar pieces of equipment together.

By taking the time to plan a unique theme for your barbershop, you can reach out to a niche group and better market your services to this demographic. Your barbershop’s theme should represent your style and brand, while creating a comfortable atmosphere for clients.