Barber Success Story – Jake Hillery

Jake has jumped to success in a short space of time, since graduating with us only two years ago. Coming to London School of Barbering as a complete novice barber was the best thing he has ever done, as he says himself in his own words. After regular trips to his own barbershop and noticing how much the barbers enjoyed their work, while he was getting his own hair cut, he knew this was the industry he wanted to be in. He knew barbering was his calling and was happy to quit his business to business sales job to go on and pursue barbering as a new career. He signed up for our NVQ 2 Diploma beginner course and got stuck into the industry of hair after he graduated.

He travelled to Ibiza to cut hair for the summer after he graduated. Then after a few months of travelling in Asia, he came home and worked in a barbershop for 6 weeks. He then took the plunge in opening up his first barbershop The Gentleman’s Quarter, where he created a barbershop that has a masculine edge, but is also fit for the modern gentleman. For someone who is fairly new in the industry, he is succeeding at a very impressive rate with the opening of four barbershops in the space of eighteen months.

Read more about his success story in his interview below……..

LSB: What is your name and Instagram tag if you have one?
JH: My name is Jake Hillery and my Instagram tag is @JakeHillery

LSB: What did you do before barbering?
JH: Before I started barbering, I was working in a business to business sales role, which was far less creative and interesting than barbering.

LSB: When did you realise barbering was the profession for you?
JH: I started to think of barbering as a profession, after taking regular trips to my own barbershop and seeing how my own barber cut my hair. When I saw what was involved in cutting hair and noticed how much all the barbers were enjoying it, I really wanted to get involved in barbering and make it my own job.

LSB: How did you feel about making the transition into barbering, and why did you choose LSB to learn the trade?
JH: I felt happy making the transition from business to business sales to barbering as I was certain that I wanted to do it as a profession. I chose London School of Barbering after seeing great things about the school on Instagram & Google – there was a lot of inspiring content!

LSB: What course did you take at London School of Barbering, and what were the highlights of for you?
JH: I took the NVQ 2 Diploma 9-week beginner course and the highlights for me were the amount of clients we had to work on.

LSB: Tell us about your journey since you have finished with LSB?
JH: After graduating at LSB, I spent the summer in Ibiza cutting hair. I then travelled to Asia and came home at Christmas time. When I arrived home, I started working in a barbershop for 6 weeks and decided to open my own shop called The Gentleman’s Quarters. I have gone from strength to strength and have four barbershops now, after only opening my first one 18 months ago.

LSB: What has been your proudest moment so far as a barber?
JH: My proudest moment so far as a barber has definitely got to be encouraging my younger brother to become a barber. He listened to me and he now works with me, which is great.

LSB: If you could have anyone in your barber’s chair, who would it be and why?
JH: The one person I would have in my chair would be my Pap, so he could see how far I have come.

LSB: Have you had anyone in your barber’s chair already that has had an interesting story to tell you?
JH: Everybody has their own story to tell; that’s why I find the job so interesting. Every single person is different and interesting in their own way.

LSB: Do you take inspiration from anything when cutting hair, such as music, fashion, film or art?
JH: I am a big Instagram user and most of my inspiration is taken from this platform. There is endless inspiration on Instagram!

LSB: What would you say to anyone considering a career in barbering and studying at LSB?
JH: For anyone out there who is thinking of career in barbering and studying at LSB – I would say “Do it, it’s the best thing I have ever done!”

LSB: Anything further to add?
JH: Follow these Instagrams for inspiration, you won’t be disappointed.





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