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Fee: £940 including VAT

Duration: 1 week. Monday to Friday 10:30 – 17:00

This hands-on course is tailor made for persons wishing to learn or advance their clipper work and fading abilities by training the LSB way. It is also ideal as a refresher before a trade test or to help you get back into the game after some time away.

Your tutor will assess your level and cover the following areas:

  • Clippering & Fading Techniques
  • Blending with Clipper over comb
  • Skin fades with zero grades
  • Cutting the top
  • Basic styling

You will complete between 15 to 20 real hands-on haircuts on clients provided by the academy. With each cut you will have our pro trainer at your side giving direct feedback and support. We will also use trainer demonstrations to break down advanced cutting methods so that you learn the core LSB way of cutting hair including graduated cuts and short skin fades.

Course structure:

Days 1 & 2: Demo of a graduated clipper cut with scissors on top. The trainer will breakdown the haircut into its parts and walk you through it step by step. It’s your time to ask away with questions! Thereafter, the trainer will review the tools that you will be using — your tapering & trimming clippers, scissors and combs. Next, you will practice the techniques on a headblock. On day 2, you progress forward and practice these techniques on real live clients under trainer supervision.

Days 3 to 5: Demo of a zero fade haircut. The trainer will breakdown the haircut into its parts and walk you through it step by step. Thereafter you will next practice the techniques on live clients under trainer supervision for the remainder of the day. At the end of the day you will sit down with the trainer for feedback.


We accept overseas students visiting on tourist visas and can provide housing options. If you are from a country that is part of the European Union then you likely will be able to travel to the UK without obtaining a separate visa. If you are from outside of the EU then you will need to apply for a tourist travel visa form the UK government, which you can do here:


You can receive a 5% discount off your course if you book your course 3 or more months in advance. To receive 5% off your course please email [email protected] and request a voucher code, you will need to provide us with the name of the course you would like to take, along with the course start date & location. You will be given a code to apply at checkout, the code will expire within 24 hours and will only apply to courses starting 3 or more months in advance. This discount only applies to courses held in our London academies.


Get 5% off all courses to celebrate the opening of our great new academy. Offer applies to all courses starting before 2019 at our Manchester academy. This offer cannot be combined with the early bird discount.


Please use the BOOK NOW button on this page to book your space on the course. We will then send you a welcome email within 1 business day.

If you pay by deposit then we will include an invoice for your remaining payment balance, which is due no later than 3 WEEKS before your first day of training at the academy (4 weeks if paying via international bank transfer), otherwise you risk forfeiting your space on the course. Courses booked just prior to their start will have fees due within 3 business days.


We are closed UK bank holiday Mondays and are open on Good Friday. We are also closed for the week between Christmas and New Years, and this week is added back onto all course end dates to ensure that no training is missed.


October 2017

Have learnt so much this week and feel so much more confident, having not cut hair for over 10 years.

Amir was very patient, also strict but that is exactly what I needed.

Thank you.


October 2017


Better than expected.

Thank you Amir and the rest of the team for being so patient with us and helping us out with our tools.



September 2017


EXCELLENT – Beyond words,

can’t thank everyone enough!

xx 🙂


August 2017

It was amazing!!

I really enjoyed it and have learnt so much.

I feel like I have really improved my barbering skills.


August 2017

Very good,

learnt everything I came to learn and more.

Everyone has been very kind and helpful.


July 2017

I came in with no knowledge or experience with clippers and leave much more prepared.

I’m truly impressed with Amir’s knowledge and professionalism.

This class helped me immensely.

Many Thanks.


June 2017

Absolutely loved it.

Brilliant staff, very patient & understanding.

Definitely would recommend to any one.


June 2017

Brilliant, great tutor, very helpful and friendly.

Feeling much more confident in gents cutting,

lots of information gained in such a short time.


May 2017

The course was great, I felt I learnt so much and feel confident to take it back to the salon.

Panos our teacher was amazing!

Thank you for a great week 🙂


May 2017

I have had an amazing week at LSB.

From day one Panos gave us very good tutoring with good feedback on a daily basis.

I am leaving here on a high and can’t wait to get into the salon tomorrow.

I would recommend the course/school to everyone.

Panos is the best.




May 2017

Loved every minute of the course and don’t want to go home!!

Found everything easy to understand and follow.

Looking forward to booking my NVQ level 3!


May 2017

I have had a fantastic week and I am gutted it has finished!

Amir has shown and taught me skills that will be so valuable to my future career.

He is a brilliant educator and I can’t thank him enough.

Can’t wait to book my next course.

Thank You LSB 🙂




Apri 2017

At first the approach was different and couldn’t adapt to it.

Then as the week went on, I understand why; great trainer, very knowledgable and great at his skill.

Overall, a great and fun week. Would recommend to anyone.




April 2017

Very good courses, learnt loads.

Teacher was brilliant – great way of teaching.

Had a real good week!

Can’t wait to get back to salon and advance.


April 2017

Very good, pushed to excel myself.

Learn a lot and appreciate the strong and firm criticism.

Great trainer.





February 2017


Really boosted my confidence and skills.

Great people to learn from, really enjoyed my time here.


February 2017


Amir was excellent with me, and everybody here was lovely.

Cannot fault LSB!!


February 2017

Honest and real!

Fast paced, great that we had live models.

Amir is a great teacher



February 2017

Worth every penny.

Feel so much more confident.

Amir was exceptional, everything you would want from a teacher and more.


February 2017

Amazing! Thank you so much.

The guys really took a lot of time to go through everything and help you whenever you needed it. It helped me gain so much confidence with my clippers and can’t wait to do the master barber course.

Thank you.


February 2017

I am a difficult personality and the boys really helped me understand what I am doing.

I feel much more confident.

Loved it!



February 2017



December 2016

Absolutely brilliant, i’d recommend the course to anyone in my position.


December 2016

Overall I had a really good experience.

I feel I have learnt a lot in a short space of time, and feel confident to carry out a skin fade on my own!

Thank you


October 2016

I had a great time, as well as learning a lot. More than I expected. The tutors were always around and willing to help, giving constructive to really help us understand different techniques. I couldn’t have asked for a better time here.


July 2016

I loved doing this course! My skin-fades really improved, just in one week. We got lots of models to practise on, and the educator, Pav was really professional and patient. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their clipper work.


July 2016

This course was brilliant, this was made by having an experienced and patient educator. There were plenty of models to develop my skills and to practice on.


July 2016

From start to finish a great experience. Brilliant teaching, really patient and efficient. I learnt exactly what I needed and more. I would definitely come here again to further my skills. Thank you.


June 2016

Great experience, before I started the course I had high expectations and they were surely met. Each educator was really patient and took their time with each student. The whole school has a great eye for detail and the whole vibe is really uplifting for students. Highly recommended, even for international students as I am. I will be back for the masters course.


June 2016

Immersive and intensive. This is the place to be to learn! Great one on one hands on education. I’ve been to other, more expensive courses and schools and they don’t compete. The small classes sizes really help with learning as there is always an educator to help.


May 2016

I Loved this course, it has inspired and given me confidence I never had in cutting hair. I cant wait to enrol onto another LSB course! I highly recommend this course to anyone considering taking barbering as a career. Outstanding! Thank you.


May 2016

Don’t be afraid to take the step and return to school after years away. This is the best school with the most welcoming team. Infact I would love to do all the courses just because I enjoyed the experience so much. Thank you LSB.


March 2016

I thought the course was excellent. I feel I have learned a new proper way of producing excellent haircuts. All the new techniques etc I have leaned are really going to benefit me. Jordan was great, always so patient and explained things perfect.


March 2016

Amazing!! Having done a level 2 in barbering at a vocational college and thinking that was suitable, I couldnt be more wrong. This is industry standard. If you’ve been to another college and want to improve as a barber. This is absolutely the environment to be in. In the words of Jordan, “cool, cool, cool, sick”.


March 2016

I loved it, learned so much and i’m gutted it’s finished. It has really helped with my confidence and got rid of my bad habits. Tutors were brilliant and everyone made time for you, can’t thank you guys enough.


March 2016

I really enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. A great atmosphere and environment. Henry is a great teacher and helped me improve massively. I hope to return.


February 2016

Excellent, perfect environment, lovely people, have had a great week here. Have learnt a massive amount in all areas covered. I now have a much greater understanding of head shapes, clipper control, the weight distribution of hair, scissor and clipper over comb techniques, sectioning and also drying and styling techniques alongside washing and product information that was massively helpful. I feel much more confident in my ability and I am genuinely surprised as to how much I’ve picked up in just one week.


February 2016

I found the course extremely professional as I have not worked as hairdresser since 1982! I found it a steep learning curve as I have not been trained in the use of clippers and self taught. All the tutors were extremely patient and informative and explained each stage clearly. On day 2 I did my first skin fade and wow on day five I can visualise the finished look more easily. Stell was a very good instructor and helped me enormously.


January 2016

Absolutely amazing experience. Loved every minute gutted due to family commitments I couldn’t do longer. I would one million percent recommend this school to anybody. Everybody is amazing, staff are extremely approachable, friendly and full of knowledge. You all have outstanding patience. I honestly cannot say one thing I would change or want to do differently. PERFECT

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Hairdressers & Barbers with 1 or more years experience. It is not suitable for complete beginners. We accept overseas students visiting on tourist visas and can provide housing options.

  • London School of Barbering Clipper & Fading Fundamentals Certificate

Please bring your barbering equipment including: Wahl tapering clippers including guards, trimming clippers, scissors, combs, neck brush, hair dryer and water spray. We require that you use Wahl tapering clippers on this course.

You must yourself purchase 1 male manikin head (100% human hair) and clipper guards for this course. You can do so online at Coolblades using the links below.

Link>>> Male manikin head


Link>>> Clipper Guards

You need to have —#0.5 (Lime), 1.5 (Plum), #5 (Yellow)

**These items are mandatory and you must purchase from Coolblades to ensure that you have the right standard of manikin head.

I have never cut hair, can I take this course?

You must have experience cutting hair as a barber or hairdresser to enrol. Individuals with zero experience should take our beginner course:

Do you have any recommended hotels?

If seeking accommodation then please consider the London Central City Travelodge at £150 per night which is near the Academy:

I live overseas. Can I take your course?

Yes all foreigners are welcome to take our courses. The course is taught in English, so it is best that you have a basic understanding of English, or you are welcome to bring along a translator.


Booking your course with financing instalments (UK residents only)

We are happy to offer the ability to pay for your course in instalments for up to 48-months. Payments consist of a deposit between 10%-50%, followed by equal monthly payments starting 30 days thereafter. The finance APR is 19.9%. Barbering equipment and learning materials can not be included in your finance. Financing can only be applied to courses starting 14 days or more in advance.

To qualify, you or the applicant representing you must meet the following minimum requirements, otherwise you will be automatically declined:

  • a source of income
  • working at least 16 hours per week
  • 18 years or older
  • UK resident or citizen

To apply please select the “apply for finance of the full amount” option when booking your course on our website.

After you pay your finance deposit, the remaining monthly payments will start 30 days thereafter via direct debit. Your space on the course is reserved only after you make the initial deposit payment, after which you will receive our welcome email within 1 business day.

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