BARBERLIFE Expo 2018 Lowdown

The London School of Barbering team had a wicked time at BARBERLIFE expo last weekend. The event was an absolute buzzing fairground of barber and tattoo inspiration. Our top class educators Troy and Matthew were at the event the whole weekend, dishing out hot cuts and giving guys cool freshen ups, alongside some of the world’s most respected barbers. It is the ultimate hot spot to get yourself a class haircut if you’re a visitor and if you’re working at it – you have the opportunity to meet and connect with new and familiar faces in barbering. This year was particular special for us attending BARBERLIFE, as we were the very first barbering academy to cut alongside some of the world’s best barbers.

Troy tells us about BARBERLIFE in his own words: ‘I had a great time at BARBERLIFE Expo. It was an honour to represent London School of Barbering at the show, especially because we were the first barbering academy to go cut alongside such a variety of talented and well respected barbers from all over the world. Paul Hewitt (Black L’amour Barbers) Brad Cowan (Harry Blades and Angry Dave’s) and Nick Proctor (Southwest Chop Shop) who have been running this event for 7 years, welcomed us with open arms and the haircuts we got to showcase was a great example of what we represent! I was even more amazed at the fact that with the presence of some of our educators, we were humbled to be sharing some of our methods with our fellow international barbers, as well as looking after clients and catching up with some of our graduates who were also present and part of the Expo as well. It’s quite humbling to know that some of our students go on to be part of amazing events such as BARBERLIFE Expo. Can’t wait for the next one!’

See Troy in action doing his thing at BARBERLIFE:

Matthew tells us about BARBERLIFE in his own words: ‘The BARBERLIFE Expo for me was an amazing experience. I felt honoured to be representing London School of Barbering, alongside some of the world’s leading barbers. I felt lucky to be invited by the organisers Paul Hewitt, Brad Cowan and Nick Proctor and welcomed in with open arms. I was humbled by the way we were received by all, the level to which everybody was working reflected just how far the industry has evolved over recent years. Working alongside my fellow educator Tory showcasing what we teach at LSB and interacting with fellow barbers sharing our individual approaches to cutting hair felt so up lifting. Talking to graduates of the academies and finding out how successful they had become shows just how important our work is within the Barbering community. I look forward to more opportunities like the BARBERLIFE Expo.’ 

Some of our other London School of Barbering educators popped down to Brighton at the weekend to see our boys; Troy and Matthew in action at BARBERLIFE. Overall it was a fantastic weekend with lots of amazing cutting being showcased, along with a great barbering community vibe!

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