Cameron Charles Collaboration

Most men are no strangers to owning a leather jacket – they are an effortless item of clothing that acts as a versatile and very reliable staple in any man’s wardrobe. In our latest collaboration between London School of Barbering and London based brand Cameron Charles, we see the effortless appeal of leather jackets stepped up by their crisp craftsmanship and impressive range of textures and colours they have available – you can be more adventurous and channel more of your individuality with their leather jacket options!

When we think leather…..the words cool, masculine and badass definitely spring to mind. Leather jackets have always been synonymous with the bad boy or biker image, but in todays thriving fashion world, there is no shortage of imagination, creative flair and superb design that goes into the production of modern leather jackets. Cameron Charles are no doubt a great example of this, they are pulling out all the stops in creating amazing leather jackets that are rich in craftsmanship and modish design while being super sharp and creative.

In our photoshoot, the ridiculously rugged and distinctive leather jackets on our models get an uplift with impeccable and flawless haircuts cut by our LSB lead educator Henry Stevens.  We captured a striking, loud and raw edge feel in this photoshoot.

We had a quick chat with Head of Production and Design Kishore Gopal at Cameron Charles to get the low down on the brand and talk all things leather, men’s fashion and hair. Read the special interview below…..


LSB: How was Cameron Charles established?
CC: Head of Production and Design Kishore, trained as a bespoke tailor making suits.  However, most of his time spent at work and leisure, he choose to wear casual clothing, particularly leather wear. Disappointed with the narrow range of leather jackets available, he decided to apply the specialised techniques that he had learned to create extraordinary leather jackets, with the same attention to detail found in a bespoke suit.

LSB: Describe your male audience who wears your brand?
CC: Instinctive, impulsive and with a passion for tailoring that has a clean sharp silhouette.

LSB: What makes you most proud about Cameron Charles as a brand?
CC: Our willingness to experiment with different textures and colours, the drape of our jackets, as well as the outstanding quality of leather and craftsmanship that goes into our production.

LSB: Describe your brand in 3 words?
CC: Sharp, creative, effortless.

LSB: Where do you take inspiration for all of your leather designs?
CC: Inspiration can strike from anywhere. For example, a period TV production of Dickens often showcases beautiful textural combinations. Films such as Get Carter feature suits which display the classic silhouette of Savile Row.

LSB: How do you think the leather jacket has evolved in fashion over the decades?
CC: We think it has evolved slowly from the days of Marlon Brando in The Wild One. As a result, it is still often typecast within the biker genre. This is a reason why we are here; to experiment with production techniques and expand the horizons of the leather jacket consumer making the leather jacket a statement of individuality.

LSB: What do you think are the reasons why men choose to buy and wear a leather jacket?
CC: Men often buy a leather jacket because they see it as functional, rugged and hard wearing. Our customers buy our leather jackets because they make them feel special, stylish and unique.

LSB: Are there any celebrities or style icons that you think rock wearing leather jackets?
CC: Thierry Henry – in a documentary he presented he wore a beautiful rust brown leather bomber blended with a blue shirt and tie. The result was dressy and nonchalant.

LSB:What fashion trends do you think are hot for men right now?
CC: Alessandro Michele has started a colour explosion at Gucci which is permeating the world of men’s fashion today.

LSB:How many leather jackets should any one man own?
CC: He should always be on the lookout for a new leather jacket; our range enhances a gentleman’s appearance whatever the occasion.

LSB: Can you give some advice on how to care and protect for your leather jacket?
CC: A leather jacket is a second skin and can last a lifetime. Avoid wearing the jacket in heavy rain; if exposed to rain, wipe the jacket with a soft dry cloth. Do not dry clean. From time to time, have the inside of the jacket cleaned professionally.

LSB: What do you think of the finished photos and hairstyles of the photo shoot?
CC: We are delighted with the photos, they look amazing. Cameron Charles produces an array of leather jackets with a variety of styles; the photoshoot captures this diversity beautifully. The blue frock coat worn by Gabo is a piece that can be worn casually or formally, and his sharp soul-boy hairstyle highlights the jacket’s polish. The quilted jacket worn by Sean has an elegant close fit, however this piece is all about texture and craft. We feel that Sean’s rich hairstyle brings a vibrancy to the photos that complements the jacket’s pattern perfectly.

LSB: How important is hair styling when it comes to doing your own photo shoots in promoting Cameron Charles?
CC: Very important!  Attention to detail is central to menswear and hairstyling with character complements the clothes being photographed.

LSB: Is there anything else you would like to share?
CC: Observe what is happening in the fashion world, and always be true to your sense of style.

Hair Stylist: Henry Stevens
Photographer: Kathryn Younger
Fashion Stylist: Rachel Witter
Fashion Stylist’s Assistant: Nailah Rowe
Leather Jackets: Cameron Charles
Models: Sean Prakash and Gabo Lefelman

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