Established 2012

Clipper Basics

Clippers are one of the most important tools at a barber’s disposal. Read on for the key uses for clippers and insider tips on how to master the art.

1. Removing weight


Fundamental clipper work involves removing weight, whilst creating a suitable shape for your client. The movement of the clipper will also dictate the shape so it’s important that a smooth gliding motion must be used.

2. Touching up 

Touch up fades using the corners of the clippers. Identify darker areas, judge which grade to do with and carefully work in different directions to tackle the weight.

3. Neck edges


The neck edge is one of the most important outlines of your work. It is essential to keep it dead straight. Taper the edge first with a mini clipper to be able to see the hairline, so you know where to place the outline.

4. Facial hair


The small intricate areas of facial hair can be difficult to tackle if the hair is of a shorter length. Guards are too big and won’t pick up the hair. Instead, clipper over comb using a fine tooth comb and detailers.