Established 2012

Club Cutting

A standard haircut technique, club cutting is a method of cutting straight across to create a smooth blended appearance without texturising. This allows length to be removed from the hair without any bulk being removed. It can be used to create either uniform lengths, or graduated layers with smooth ends. Using scissors in most cases, the hair is cut at the correct angle and elevation needed to create the desired hairstyle. Although club cutting involves cutting hair in a straight line, the angle is important because this is what will produce the right shape for the final product.

Uses of Club Cutting

There are a variety of situations in which club cutting is recommended. For example, it can be used on curly hair to tame curls, or to retain weight on fashion-oriented styles. Because weight is left on the points of the hair, it discourages hair from curling. Club cutting is also often used on fine hair, which may need to retain as much bulk as possible in order to hold a particular style. It allows a barber to cut hair with precision and proficiency.

Club Cutting Technique

The club cutting technique can be used on either wet or dry hair. To get started, either a vertical or horizontal section of hair is held away from the scalp at the desired angle. The points of the hair are then cut straight across with scissors. If the section of hair to be cut is long, the hair can be held between fingers. However, if the hair is to be cut closer to the scalp, it is usually held with a comb and then cut straight across with scissors. The stylist works section by section to remove hair in a straight line as needed, either creating layers or creating a single, smooth length. While other types of techniques may use horizontal sectioning, for club cutting the hair is combed and parted into vertical sections. These are then cut horizontally.

To avoid slipping and creating an uneven length, hair should be held nice and tight in each section and scissors should be held as closely as possible to the fingers or comb holding the hair. Most barbers find it easier to cut under the fingers, allowing you to pull the hair down. Cutting on top of the fingers could lead to slipping.

Tips for Success

  • Although scissors are generally used for club cutting, a razor can also be used. However this requires an advanced level of skill to create a precision cut, so you’ll want to feel confident with your razor before you attempt a club cut.
  • Club cutting is suitable for all types of hair, from fine to thick and curly. However if hair is particularly thick, smaller sections may need to be cut at a time to achieve a uniform length and style.
  • Small scissors with strong tips are the easiest to use for this technique. Scissors with finer tips will need to be forced to cut the hair, and could lose their edges quickly. Longer scissors tend to be awkward to use for this type of cut, and the tips may fold.