Hook LDN Collaboration

What else can you do to raise the bar of a great haircut from our LSB training academies..….. simple – just add a cool, eclectic mix of bold and fashion-forward eyewear!

We recently collaborated with authentic eyewear brand Hook LDN for a special feature to showcase the best of their stylish eyewear alongside our professional barbering. A match made in heaven……..

Artistic Director Michael Kontos styled all of our models. The overall look is creative, inspiring and channels the uber, cool London edge for all eyewear and hair enthusiasts perfectly.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Rebecca from Hook LDN to find out more about the brand and what she thinks of hair? Read the special interview below….

LSB: What is Hook LDN’s style?
HL: Hook LDN is aimed at a millennial audience of 20 – 30 year olds, so naturally we focus on attracting ambitious and creative individuals with our brand aesthetic and style. We are a brand born in the heart of London, so we want our products to be typical of our city style – London is fashion capital of the world and London style specifically is unapologetic, original and creative.

LSB: What makes Hook LDN stand out from the crowd?
HL: Our choice of frame colour and pattern is a key factor in making our designs stand out from the crowd. Our design team focus on creating manageable, wearable shapes that appeal to all face shapes and end-uses, but it’s the colour that appeals to wearer’s personality. Over the last 2 years, we feel we have developed a modern take on classic sunglasses colours. For example, we feature deep red and electric blue tortoiseshells, white marble and green camo acetates, neon tortoiseshells and shimmering metallics. Utilising these rich colours and not being afraid to pair them with standard tortoiseshells and two-tone effects is what we love to explore. Our upcoming collection continues to blend the traditional with the modern to create timeless eyewear.

LSB: What is the story behind Hook LDN being established?
HL:  Hook LDN was founded in 2014 by Zak Biddu, a music entrepreneur and industry expert who had a dream of blending his experience and connections from the music world with the commercial world of fashion.  He wanted to merge the two to create something unique; a consumer eyewear brand targeted at the most influential demographic with attainable pricing and fantastic designs that don’t compromise on quality. In 2 years, we have produced 3 core ranges of optics and sunglasses, as well as the introduction of our AAA range of oversized sunglasses, for those who love to be eclectic in their style choices. We are also now diversifying into other accessories and apparel items, to achieve our next goal of becoming a London-based lifestyle brand that offers a diverse range of complimentary products.

LSB: What words would you use to describe the Hook LDN brand?
HL: Sophisticated, quality focused, aspirational, original, bold, authentic and stylish.

LSB: Where do you take inspiration from for your designs?
HL: Every season we take inspiration from a range of sources, but one thing that all our collections have in common is our music heritage. Every collection is inspired by the world of music e.g. festivals, famous music venues, iconic records or artists themselves. We are also deeply inspired by the style we spot on the streets of London, as well as trend reports and eyewear history.
We are rooted within music as equally as we are in fashion, so it’s important for us to get that across in our designs. It’s conveyed not just in the name of our frames, but also in our choice and pattern. We want our products to look exciting and unique, and also to make the wearer feel like they have something truly special.

LSB: What do you like about the finished photos?
HL: The photos were very different to how we usually take our own images, but that’s what we love about them the most. They are minimal, striking, artistic and well styled. The colours shine through and even on the clear Parklife optics, the frames look sharp and sophisticated. A real, modern London vibe.                                                                           

LSB: What type of person wears your eyewear?
HL: We target 20 – 30 year olds, but we that doesn’t mean our wearers are restricted to that age group. We attract both a younger and older demographic to our target, which is fantastic for us, as it gives us real insight into the fact that personality and style are timeless and have no rules. We do find our brighter frames, such as our neon tortoiseshell sunglasses are worn by young creatives or people looking for a fun frame to take with them on their holidays.
On darker frames that feature richer crystal patterns tend to be worn by people who want to wear them day-to-day for special occasions such as weddings, outside sports and summer parties. We get sent photos from happy customers all over the world, which makes it all very worth it!

LSB: Are there any famous people who wear your eyewear?
HL: Thanks to our connections with the music industry, we have great relationships with some amazing music artists. Our frames are loved and liked by the names of Nicole Scherzinger, Sam Smith, David Guetta, Example, Jack Garratt, The Vamps, You Me At Six, X Ambassadors, Raleigh Ritchie, Anne-Marie and Pixie Lott. We also had Rio Ferdinand and John Terry wear our eyewear.

LSB: How do you think eyewear is perceived in the fashion world & there is anything you would change?
HL: Eyewear is definitely in its prime at the moment. In the last 5 years, we have seen the accessory become a stand-alone statement piece in its own right, with countless catwalk and design collaborations popping up every season. The eyewear market is definitely booming with brands becoming more and more technically savvy and experimental with their products. Whereas, before it might have been perceived as a secondary fashion element, it is definitely now an exciting focus for designers and fashionistas alike.
People are now spending more of their disposable income on eyewear and other eyewear accessory products. We think this trend will continue in the future. There might have been a taboo many years ago about having to wear glasses, but now everyone wants to wear them!

LSB: What eyewear trends do you think is hot right now?
HL: Eyewear trends are cyclical and right now definitely see a resurgence of the aviator frame coming back with 70’s inspired light lenses, or as a prescription optical frame. It’s a trend that we think has come over from Scandinavia and has been picked up on social media with celebrities and influencers such as Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Hayley Baldwin and Khloe Kardashian. Another trend that isn’t going anywhere is round frames; they suit most face shapes and are a safe option for every day classic style.

LSB: What do you love about eyewear?
HL: Eyewear is a very personal accessory. Your eyes are considered the most important facial feature and can tell you a lot about a person, so it’s right that people want to make sure that they are accentuating and protecting their eyes with a frame shape that suits them and gives them confidence. A great pair of sunglasses and optics can really say everything about your personal style before anyone has a chance to check out your coat, your jeans or your shoes. The magic of eyewear is that it can totally transform you, both on the outside and on the inside.

LSB: How much do you think about hair when styling your eyewear in photo shoots?
HL: Hair styling is super important when shooting eyewear, as obviously the eyewear is the focus. You have to be careful that the hair does not fall in front of the lugs, (front outer corners of eyewear frames) or create any unwanted shadows on the lenses.
With men it’s a lot easier; it’s more about getting the perfect frame shape on the right model, as male face structures tend to be more exposed because their hair can be shorter and off the face. Facial hair on men can also dramatically change the appearance of their face shape, so deciding whether you want a clean-shaven model or not is also a factor to consider. Hair colour is also important. When you are shooting a headshot up close with studio lighting, our frame colours really pop & it makes you proud every single time!

LSB: How do you find London influences your success?
HL: We think people love the fact that we are a London brand and that it’s one of our 3 brand pillars, alongside music and fashion. We design our frames in London and they are finished and marketed to the world from our offices in Notting Hill. We are proud of our roots and love putting on pop-up shops, following upcoming music talent and attending London-centric events. We communicate our love of London consistently through social media content and never get tired of exploring the city and finding sweet photography spots.

LSB: How many pairs of sunglasses should the average male own?
HL: In our view, you can never have too many pairs of sunglasses! That said, it’s always good to have at least 2 pairs, one you can wear day-to-day and one that you can save for smarter or special occasions. A third pair in a style and a shape you know and you love is always a good idea to keep as a spare, as unfortunately eyewear does get lost or broken fairly often!

LSB: Is there anything else you would like to share?
HL: Just one more little important piece of advice – it’s so vital to take care of your eyes and many people are inclined to purchase a cheap pair from the high street which don’t actually have the proper protective lenses, sturdy hinges or quality construction. Not only do they wear and tear easily and quickly, but they are also doing damage to your eyesight in the long run, especially if you are wearing them for long periods of time in the sun.

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