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Beginner to Job Ready (NVQ 2)
20 Weeks (£4099)


What Makes LSB The Best Training Provider?

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E - Learning platform

Students are given access to propriety LSB step-by-step videos to supplement your academy training.

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real clients

You will practice on real live clients that are provided to you by the academy.

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barber jobs

We work with over 2000 barbershops and salons that recruit our grads directly through our online barber jobs platform.

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hands-on practical training

Our pro educators will be at your side at all times to supervise, build confidence, progress your skill level and deliver exceptional results.


Looking to become a barber?

You will graduate cutting hair at a premium standard well above the NVQ level so that you can work immediately in a shop upon graduation. You will execute advanced hair styles outside of an NVQ2 standard, like zero-fades and razor touch-ups.

This Complete Barbering course includes:

  • Cutting techniques – classic and creative
  • Scissor work – scissor over comb, texturising, layering, and building the structure of a haircut
  • Clipper work – 2-back and sides, clipper over comb
  • Fading– zero-fades, 1-fades, 1.5-fades
  • Razor touch ups
  • Beard and moustache trimming
  • Advanced disconnected haircuts
  • Style and finishing techniques
  • Shampooing and conditioning the hair and scalp
  • Consultation skills
  • Health & Safety

LSB qualifies over 500 barbers every year. Our results-driven training approach is PROVEN and entirely hands-on practical training. This means you won’t be spending all your time in books studying theory.

Our pro educators will be at your side at all times to supervise, build confidence, progress your skill level and deliver exceptional results. Classes are between 6 to 9 students, with students of all ages and both genders.

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Guaranteed to Qualify

Get your barbering qualification or your money back


Book 20 Weeks Beginner to Job Ready


Proven training approach providing hands-on practical training.

Learn cutting techniques on training headblocks and watch expert demos; deconstruct the steps of haircuts; completion of theoretical coursework and exams.

Transition haircuts from headblocks onto real live clients – focus on techniques such as scissor-over-comb, clipper work, fading, layering and texturising; teacher support with common mistakes and challenges. At this stage you will be assessed on your haircuts to be completed to standards sufficient to earn your NVQ Level 2 qualification.

Become proficient in haircuts, learn tricks of the trade, and personalise haircuts; teacher support with refining cutting techniques; focus on finishing and cutting speed. You will be assessed on the overall quality of your haircuts that must be passed to an LSB standard. For the daytime course, at the end of week 9 you will participate in a class fade competition where you will present your best haircut against peers and be rated. The outcomes of this final stage will determine your final grade for your LSB Diploma in Barbering Level 2 certificate.

By the end of the course you will be confident and experienced after completing up to 90 real live haircuts* (depending on student speed), under the support of exceptional barber trainers. We provide students all clients which means that you spend your time focused on developing your skill.

bank holidays (PUBLIC)

We are open all bank holidays excluding Christmas.

international students

We accept overseas students visiting on tourist visas and can provide housing options. If you are from a country that is part of the European Union then you likely will be able to travel to the UK without obtaining a separate visa. If you are from outside of the EU then you will need to apply for a tourist travel visa form the UK government, which you can do here:

Course Duration

20 weeks Saturday only

Wondering What our Courses are Like?

Here’s a Sneak Peak into our Academy

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Job opportunities for graduates

We provide support to help you find a job. We are here to help you not only learn the skills but to succeed in employment. This involves helping you build a photo portfolio of your cuts. We also give you access to our network of barbershops who recruit from our graduates. After the course, our students go on to getting jobs at barbershops, and some even have since opened their own shops and are doing well.


All you Need to Get Started

You will need a professional standard barbering equipment kit that can be purchased directly from our preferred supplier Coolblades. A discount of 9% has already been incorporated into the kit price.

Premium Full Professional Barbering Kit (cordless)

This equipment is professional-grade and is to be used on the job following your course. All items are hand-selected by the LSB team and are the best tools in the market for cutting men’s hair. Included in the kit are LSB’s proprietary textbook learning resources that supplement your daily training and help develop your knowledge and understanding much more rapidly. A barber kit is mandatory and should be purchased from our supplier only to ensure the correct standard is obtained. If you have some equipment, please check the list to ensure you have everything on the list and any items you do not have you can purchase individually through Coolblades.

If any items state out of stock on the Coolblades website, please contact them directly about


LSB step-by-step videos to supplement your academy training.

You also will provided free access to proprietary LSB step-by-step videos to supplement your academy training.

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Complete beginners wishing to become a shop-ready barber or men’s stylist. There are no entry requirements. To take this course you must have a basic understanding of English in order to converse with your educator and to read and write in English.
Total Guided Learning Hours (GLH): 461 hours


See What our Past Students Have to Say

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Ask Questions

Certainly. Please send an email to and request a list of recommended accommodation.

Yes you will be job ready upon course completion. Our training academies operate as full-fledged barbershops. All clients are real and you will have the support of our Educators to learn all the techniques and styles to deliver top standard haircuts.

We have a strong track record of our graduates going straight into jobs as barbers in barbershops, movie-sets, bands, etc.

Yes you can. The NVQ Diploma can be awarded to people of all nationalities. The qualification is a competency-based award in the UK, and many non-UK countries recognise it.

You can expect to complete up to 120 haircuts during this course. We provide you all these clients. The key to becoming a good barber is practice, so we maximise the number of haircuts that you do.

We are open all bank holidays excluding Christmas.

Courses are non-cancellable and non-deferrable. All payments made are final and non-refundable.

We provide top standard learning resources with our step by step videos and visual diagrams. You can review these resources from the comfort of home or on your smartphone.

We also have about 5 hours of learning modules which we will review and discuss at the academy during your training.

The rest of the training at the Academy is 100% practical, during which you will absorb the theory in a hands-on manner. The best way to learn the theory is to apply it while doing a haircut and interacting with the client.

Yes we accept students from across the globe, as far as South America, Asia, Australia, Africa and North America. If you want to become a barber then we are happy to train you. The only requirement is that you speak enough english to understand our teachers.

Each state has its own process to recognise hours earned overseas. We’ve had a strong track record of Americans training with us and receiving reciprocity for their hours. The process typically entails the learner completing a form for their state board after training with LSB, and LSB provides a letter of reference confirming their hours and modules covered.


A Certified Offering

Upon completing your 20 week beginner to job ready barbering course with us, you’ll receive your Level 2 NVQ Barbering Diploma from ITEC and also a certificate from London School of Barbering

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