Graduate Barber Battle – Guest Judge – Tommy J – Uppercut Deluxe

It was a great pleasure to have Tommy J join us at London School of Barbering for our graduation day, to pass on his experience and knowledge of the barbering world to our senior class.

Tommy J is a barber sensation, who owns and runs a wicked barbershop, Hair By Tommy J’s Barbershop in Australia. He has designed his barbershop in an authentic style, with its edgy and masculine appearance, with his passion of sport incorporated throughout the barbershop.

Tommy mastered his barbering craft from a young age and has a natural flair for style.  He got involved in hairdressing at a youthful age of fourteen and soon fast tracked his skills into the barbering side of hair.

Having developed his barbering skills to a high standard, with sharp precision and detail, complemented by his fierce style, he has been involved in various mainstream events spreading the barbering movement to the masses and sharing his expertise.

He is a loud and proud ambassador for Uppercut Deluxe and stocks their products in his barbershop. He believes the crisp slickness, that these Uppercut Deluxe products give to a haircut is priceless.

Tommy gave the guys a great side parting demonstration, showing them some awesome tricks of the trade. He expertly judged their graduation competition, giving some great advice and tips for each student, presenting the winner as Joe. Being a barbershop owner in Australia, Tommy had a load of questions to answer from the seniors during a Q&A at the end of the day, and we’re sure his words of wisdom and serious swagger has rubbed off on the guys already!

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