Top Hair Ideas To Impress Your Date This Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we know the pressures you guys can be under when deciding where to take that lucky lady in your life, not to mention what you are going to wear and do with your barnet to ensure she is impressed all round! Here, at London School of Barbering, we know how to make guys look and feel good by giving them super sharp, modern barber haircuts, so we have picked out some men’s hair ideas that should do the trick in impressing your date this Valentine’s Day.

Let us take the stress out of your grooming routine, by giving you a heads up on what cool haircuts and fancy hairstyles (that have that little bit more of an edge), would be good options to choose as hair ideas to stand out, wherever you take her. You may even find one of these latest hairstyles below your new preferred haircut and regular cut at the barbershop. Either way, we hope you find some inspiration from our selected guy hairstyles below…..

Burst Fade With Curls

First up to inspire you with cool hair ideas for this Valentine’s Day; is the popular burst fade with curls. This is definitely one of the sharpest haircuts, that is trending right now, in terms of latest hairstyles for men. The explicit detail in the burst fade makes it a loud statement barber cut, which is modern and distinctive in its appearance.

From some angles, this burst fade has the tendency to look like a drop fade, but this drop fade has a low taper that follows the hairline all the way around. The burst fade features a semicircle that leaves length at the back of the neck. Best paired with a low-key variation of a Mohawk on top, your haircut will look edgy with plenty of texture on top. You can see our model Barnaby is rocking the burst fade with a variation of a light curly Mohawk that is dramatic, but yet wearable.

Wavy Volume With A Low Fade

This next hairstyle is quite a classic cut, but has been updated with a side sweep of definitive styled waves combined with a low fade. The crisp details of these distinct waves give this simple haircut a modern update. Sections of the hair are taken and blow-dried in a certain direction to create the effect of curly waves.

This hairstyle is a good option to ensure you get noticed this Valentine’s Day with its unique shape and sculpted texture on top. If you want to draw attention to your face, this haircut will do the trick. This haircut is definitely along the lines of fancy hairstyles and would suit someone that wants a little fuss made with their hair, but still having a classic touch to it.

Scissor Cut With Low Fade

We all know that men love scissor cuts, as the precision that is created in this haircut creates a very flattering look. This scissor cut complemented with a low fade is ideal, if you’re looking for a dominantly clean and flawless barber cut. This fuss free haircut will suit you if you are looking for a simple haircut, but still want a tiny bit of detail.

The volume on top of this haircut complemented by a clean low fade makes it a very versatile haircut, that will go with any outfit you are planning to wear to impress your date on Valentine’s night! Sometimes the simplest haircut can look so damn good!

Edgy Hair Pattern

This supercool and innovative hair pattern worn by our model Matt is for all the guys out there who want a loud, head turning look. This look is not for the faint hearted and if you’re after a daring haircut, opting for an edgy hair pattern style like this is PERFECT!

You’ll find endless hair ideas if you choose to get a hair pattern from your barber. This hairstyle in the form of hair art is defined by longer hair being separated by a fade. Hair pattern haircuts are free hand styles with a serious of lines and arcs faded throughout the haircut, depending on your preference of hair pattern. Matt’s hair pattern features lines on the side and a v-shape faded at the back, which creates a super sharp and masculine look!

High Skin Fade With Curls

This haircut is great for giving curls a modern twist and has a very appealing look that stands out – she is sure to be pleased if you opt for this trendy hairstyle this Valentine’s Day. This barber cut is a mix of scissor work on the curls on top, along with clipper work on the back and sides, into a super smooth skin fade.

The contrast of these textured curls against the flawless skin fade enhances this haircut and gives it an instant edgy feel. You can see how this high skin fade on our model Dominik highlights his bold curls, and when you have curls as good as these, they need to be shown off.

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