Established 2012

History of traditional barber shop

Walking into an authentic barbershop is a truly unique experience. The old traditional barbershop is a place with welcoming friendly atmosphere and dedicated professionals, totally in love with their trade, who really do understand men’s hair.

The old-school barbershops are now back in trend, and, interestingly, this traditional art form has not changed much over the years.

At the end of 19th century and up to the beginning of the II World War barbershops were rivalling taverns and pubs in terms of popularity. They served as a ‘hang-out’ place for men, who came in not only for a shave or haircut, but also to catch up on current news and have a chat with friends. Many visitors would return weekly or even daily. This was a golden age of barbershops.



Classy elegant furnishings, sleek walnut barber chairs, luxury upholstery, artistic frescoes, ornate mirrors, even crystal chandeliers – these are typical interior design features of a barbershop of that golden era, now being reproduced by the modern followers. In spite of the luxury surroundings, barbershops were designed to be homey places where men could come in, relax and take their minds of the hard days work.

The barbershops flourished until the consumer products giant Gillette introduced its safety razor and launched a huge marketing campaign positioning it as a safer and cheaper alternative to a barbershop. The Great Depression and the two world wars made it even worse – the pool clientele became smaller and people were reluctant to spend cash on barber services. Later on, the hippie culture brought shaggy styles in, and a trip to a barber became a completely antique experience.

The rise of the unisex salon kept the classic barbershop in the shadows throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s. Yet in recent years, there has been a huge rise in traditional barbershops all over the world as many men are  looking for a more customised men-only experience.


Today’s barber shops  provide a social outlet just like hundred years ago. Customers walk away having heard some great stories, jokes, and debates on current affairs. As back in the old times you can sit back into a traditional barber chair and indulge into a classic wet shaving experience or a clipper haircut, done exclusively on men’s hair in an atmosphere of a friendly village pub.

The barbershop is a tradition that has changed very little for generations. Unike with unisex salons, there in no mentioning of any modern inventions – such as waxing or highlighting. When you visit a barbershop, you know that you’re going to walk away with a great haircut and enjoy good company during your visit.

Today’s vintage style barbershops go the extra mile offering additional services like a beer or  a nip of whiskey, paying tribute to the golden age of barbering, when getting a beard trim was a full-service affair. Experienced barbers can also give customised tips on improving daily grooming routine and helping look your best at all times. Walking into a barbershop, one gets much more than a haircut or a shave – you can become a part of a manly tradition that is definitely worth its revival.