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The UK’s Leading barbering School welcomes students from all around the world to come and train with us.

Our academies operate as full-fledged barbershops. You will train on real clients to learn at our professional service standard. No other trainer can offer this. LSB has the strongest track record of graduates being regularly recruited by top barbershops and unisex salons.

As a world leader in barbering education, we welcome students from all around the world to train with us. Students from within the EU may or may not need a visa to visit the UK.

You can check if you need a visa as well as apply through the UK government portal here. Further information can be found here on our website.

We can also provide supporting letters of provisional acceptance for visa applications if required. We do not sort out visas on a students behalf; this is down to the student to organise themselves beforehand.

You must have a good level of English both reading and writing to take part in any course.

Acceptance Letter
We can also provide supporting letters for visa applications if required. In order to create an acceptance/supporting letter for you we require the below information:

• Your full name
• Date of birth
• Name of the course you would like to take
• Desired course start date

The letter will outline the course start and end date, training hours, location, fees, the topics that will be taught on the course as well as the qualifications/certificates then you will receive upon completion of the course.
Securing a space on the course

Due to high demand, our courses tend to sell out quickly. You can choose to pay the course deposit of 10% the course fee to secure a space on your course before applying for your visa. Please note, in the event, your visa application is declined all payments made towards your course are non-refundable and non-deferrable.

What to do when your visa is approved
If your visa application is approved you must notify us as soon as possible. You will also have to complete the remaining course fees by the due date on your invoice; no later than 3 weeks before your course start date (4 weeks before your course start date if doing an international bank transfer).

What to do if your visa is declined
If your visa application is declined you must notify us as soon as possible. If you are unsure why your visa application was refused you can request an administrative review, which will outline the specific reasons for the refusal. Please follow this link for further information: You will have up to 28 days after you receive your decision to request a review.
In some cases, you may be able to reapply without a waiting period and in other cases, you may need to wait up to 6 months before reapplying for your visa depending on the reasons of your refusal.

Which courses can I take that will give me a higher chance of my visa is approved?
There can be many reasons why your visa may be refused. If you apply for a short-term study visa you have a higher chance of your visa being accepted if you apply to take either one of the following courses:
Diploma in Barbering NVQ2 Full Time (9 week) Course
Masters in Barbering NVQ2 & 3 Full Time (12 week) Course

Tier 4-sponsor licence
We are not registered under the list of institutions within Tier 4 sponsorship, however, we still accept students from overseas.
Most of our students apply for a short-term study visa. Some students apply for a standard visitors visa and do not claim that they plan on doing a course. If you initially apply for a short-term study visa and are refused then apply for a standard visitors visa your second visa is highly likely to be declined as well due to showing inconsistencies in your intentions.

Do we offer sponsorships?
Unfortunately, we do not offer sponsorships.

Do we accept students that cannot speak English?
It is highly important that our students have a good understanding of the English language both written and verbal. If the student is unable to communicate in English they have the option of bringing an interpreter with them. The interpreter is the student’s responsibility to source and they must attend every lesson with them. The interpreter may need to also apply for a Visa.

How to purchase equipment
You can purchase all your items online from our suppliers website and have them shipped to the address you are staying at in London before your course starts. You will need to ensure your equipment is ordered at least 4 weeks before your course starts, if you have them shipped to your home address but 1 week if shipping to your accommodation in London. *Please note shipping costs will be added and vary based on location. Overseas shipping costs are higher.
Equipment cannot be purchased at the academy. We do not allow equipment to be posted to the academy.

What Equipment Do You Need
Please check below the equipment that is required for your course. The links will direct you to our online supplier.
Failure to attend your course without the correct equipment & all the items required on your course will negatively affect your qualification.

Diploma in Barbering NVQ Level 2 Beginner (9wk FT ) Course :

Link: Full Professional Barbering Kit

Masters in Barbering NVQ Level 2 & 3 Beginner (12wk FT) Course:

Link: Full Professional Barbering Kit

For this course, you also must have a full kit as well have an additional female manikin head (100% human hair), a foil shaver and a 16mm styling brush. You can purchase these items as follows:

Link: Manikin head, medium standard

Link: Wahl Finale Foils

Link: 16mm Ceramic Styling Brush


Please send an email to and request a list of recommended accommodation.


Breakdown of cost of living in London:
• Course fee including equipment and books: 4699 GBP – This based on the 9-week course at £4099 and equipment kit at £500-600.
• Estimate accommodation cost: 1600 GBP (based on 9 weeks staying at one of our acquaintances, priced at £175 per week)
• Travel from this accommodation: weekly 40 GBP cost or monthly: 140GBP cost (monthly is highly recommended) This is for a travel card that covers all zones 1-2 required to travel between this house and the academy.
• Food: 15-20 GBP per day, approximately 100 GBP per week.
TOTAL – £6600. Approx.

ITEC/VTCT currently operates in 39 countries worldwide and the ITEC qualifications are well known and recognised by employers around the world for the high standards and employability.

ITEC/VTCT strongly recommends that you contact the Embassy or High Commission of your intended destination country, as they will be able to advise you about the transferability of qualifications and any other evidence, which may be needed to work and to gain insurance.

You can find out which is the European equivalent to a UK qualification using the European Commission website:

ITEC/VTCT offers a comprehensive suite of qualifications on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). They are recognised internationally through the Lisbon Treaty and are aligned to the EQF.

ITEC/VTCT supports the Europass service. This is a service shared across Europe and is made up of five documents designed to help learners highlight their qualifications in an effective way to prospective employers and higher/further education providers across Europe.
It is free and enables people to present their competences, skills and abilities in a clear, understandable way, removing the barriers sometimes faced when applying for jobs or continuing education abroad. VTCT is among the first UK awarding organisations to launch the Europass Certificate Supplement.

Other useful resources include the UK National Reference Point for Vocational Qualifications and

For Australia:

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