Komodo Collaboration

Sustainable fashion is a term that more of us are becoming increasingly aware of these days, with more brands popping up that are producing high quality sustainable fashion. We took some simple, casual and modern designed pieces from sustainable fashion brand Komodo and styled them with precise and super smooth, shaped haircuts created by the London School of Barbering creative team in our latest collaboration.

You could say that sustainable fashion resonates with most of us as safe, conservative fashion, but that is simply not the case. Komodo offers a good mix of fashion pieces for men to choose from, including t-shirts, shirts, knitwear, jackets, shorts and accessories. Their pieces are perfect for the every day man looking for that combination of comfort and style.

In this photoshoot, Creative Director, Michael Kontos and Lead Educator, Henry Stevens created contemporary haircuts that were in essence almost cut and styled with a sculptors touch, full of shape and intricate detail. These meticulous and razor sharp haircuts against the relaxed feel of the clothes created an all round – great look for any guy looking to be trendy and well groomed.

We were delighted to have the chance to have a quick chat with the Managing Director, Mark Bloom of Komodo to talk all things sustainable fashion and discover how this brand all came about. Read the special interview below…..

LSB: Tell us the story behind Komodo and why it was set up?
K: Komodo grew out of the emerging and amazing acid house scene of summer ’88. It was really set up, so we could make things in Bali and keep our crew together and avoid having to get proper jobs!

LSB: How would you describe your male audience who wear the brand?
K: They have evolved over the years with us, but like us, they have fond memories of some outlandish clobber. Now we just make simpler classics, from decent materials which means our audience is more laid back.

LSB: What do you think stands out about Komodo?
K: I would say that our fabrics stand out, they are simple, but right for the styles we design.

LSB: If you could only use one word to describe the brand, what would it be?
K: Hmm, I think the one word I would describe Komodo would have to be friendly.

LSB: Where do you take inspiration from when planning a collection?
K: Myself and the team have always thought about clothes we’d like to wear. Sometimes it is things we have in the cupboard and think something like this in organic fabrics would rock.

LSB: Where do you source most of your material from to design Komodo clothes?
K: At the start when we launched Komodo, we actually knitted and weaved all of our fabrics. However over time, we have added more professional and technical performance fabrics – many from China with some from India and Indonesia. We search and select the best we can find.

LSB: What are the most popular items of clothing that men buy?
K: We get a lot of interest around our knitwear collection, but we also do well with our hemp jersey t-shirts. In the summer, we see our shorts and colourful shirts become very popular amongst men. In winter, the go to products to purchase are socks and accessories.

LSB: What do you think is the current perception of sustainable fashion?
K: Well I think the general perception is probably that sustainable fashion is a bit crusty – but that is wrong! We as a brand, along with other brands are trying to make a positive difference through fashion. It’s also a viable path for independents who care about fashion, have design talent and want to make a difference. Guys who have never considered sustainable fashion, need to look closer….

LSB: Are there any other brands in the fashion industry that you think produce great sustainable fashion products?
K: There are… (But aren’t I suppose to be plugging my own gig here haha?!). Brands like Knowledge Cotton, Mud Jeans, Kuyichi, Langer-Chen, Veja Sneakers are all making great menswear.

LSB: What do you think the future holds for sustainable fashion?
K: I think the future looks good and bright for sustainable fashion. The more people understand about pollution and damage done by the clothing industry and see the positive effects that sustainable fashion has on the planet, people will be more open to purchasing sustainable fashion. The decision to buy sustainable fashion will become a logical choice.

LSB: How would you describe sustainable fashion to someone who has never worn it before or doesn’t know much about it?
K: It is really no different to fashion. If you look at sustainable fashion, you’ll find things you love and some you think are trash….However when you do find the item you do like, it has a real serious bonus, as it is has some positive energy in its DNA – Viva La Revolution!

LSB: What do you think of the finished photos and hairstyles in the photoshoot?
K: I think these cuts by the London School of Barbering team are cool…..creative expression is the essence of fashion and these dudes make our clothes look better, so thanks for doing a great photoshoot!

LSB: How important is hair when it comes to styling your own photoshoots for Komodo?
K: It is very important to us here at Komodo. Hair is as much a part of the look as the clothes are – sometimes we pick the model for our photoshoots because he has the best barnet.

LSB: What current hairstyles do you think men are rocking at the moment?
K: What rocks is what’s true and from the character of the wearer….heart on yer sleeve and some drama in your Barnet?!..

Only dwell so long upon a thought,

Vanity is the longest journey bought…

He who thinks,

thinks for himself –

‘Cos One tip

makes it hip …

Joe Komodo says ~ Express Yourself !

Hair Stylists: Michael Kontos & Henry Stevens
Photographer: Kenny McCracken
Fashion Stylist: Rachel Witter
Clothes: Komodo
Models: Nicholas Barno, Aidan Owen, Jose Barrientos & Dominik Sanchez

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