Established 2012

Essential Barbering Tips You Need To Know

There are many commandments for all barbers to live by there’s no need to worry – we here at London School of Barbering like to make things easier for you. Read on to discover some of the invaluable tips that every professional barber should know: texturising, clipper over comb, scissor over comb and shaping up.

1. Texturising

Texturising layers is essential. Not only does it remove weight, but creates movement and texture which makes it easier to style. Be careful not to over texturise the shape you have put in.

2. Clipper over comb

Clipper over comb is an efficient shape building technique. What the comb does is just as important as what the clipper does. It demands control and dictates the shape. Once happy with the position, swipe the clipper across the comb to remove the unwanted weight.

3. Scissor over comb

When scissor over combing it is essential to maintain a squarer shape through the blend on the back and sides. Work in columns around the head until the comb glides off the head and there is no hair more to cut.

4. Shaping up 

When shaping up there is no room for error. The main rule – never eat into the hairline. Always encourage a fuller shape and touch up with a straight razor once the shape has been created with the detailers.