LSB Live Is Coming Back Next Year 2018

Our first LSB Live free education seminar we hosted on Wednesday 6th December at our West Smithfield academy of London School of Barbering was a successful hit and the academy was buzzing on the night. Don’t worry if you missed LSB Live this year – we are going to host another event early next year!

The night featured two and half hours of hair demonstrations delivered by Director Michael Kontos, Head Educator Pavlos and Lead Educators Henry and Panos. This free event was organised in order to educate and inspire.

Our educators showcased how our hairdressing and barbering techniques we use create every day, contemporary men’s haircuts from the fashion conscious guy, to the casual guy off the street. All of our cutting techniques follow a methodical pattern.

There were 4 haircut demonstrations on the night, including every day men’s haircuts and louder, creative hairstyles. Henry and Pavlos cut a wearable men’s haircut on our 2 models, Jack and Ash, using our London School of Barbering fundamental techniques, while Michael and Panos cut more innovative haircuts on our other 2 models, Alex and Rob, to demonstrate how you can push the boundaries in hair.

The event was perfectly finished off with a Q & A session to the audience, where they had the opportunity to ask any questions they had on the haircuts and barbering in general.

We are holding our 2nd exclusive LSB Live free education seminar on 14th March 2018 next year with only 50 places available. To attend, please RSVP at [email protected] in order to reserve your place.

The event will run from 6:00-8:30pm and we ask you to be punctual. The address is our Farringdon London academy at 6 West Smithfield, London EC1A 9JX.

Anyone again is welcome to join us on the night; those who maybe looking to get into barbering as a new career or current hairdressers/barbers who may be thinking of refining their skills or taking them to the next level. We will be broadcasting the night again live on Instagram page.

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