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Best Men’s hairstyles for all face shapes

So you might have thought it was a good idea to get the buzz cut that you saw Tom Hardy sporting, or the long hair kind of rock and roll look that Johnny Depp seems to opt for on most occasions, but perhaps you didn’t check if that hairstyle would actually suit your own face shape?

One of the most common mistakes that most men are guilty of is getting obsessed with a particular hairstyle seen on someone else (you know the usual influences, i.e. celebrities, actors, singers, athletes etc.) but not really considering whether it will look good on their own shape face.

We suggest that you ask your barber for advice on what style haircut would best suit your face shape & personal style. Try to bring in some images of styles that you have in mind so that your barber can get an idea of what you are looking for and can work with you to achieve the best results.

Here at London School of Barbering, we ensure our barbers give clients the proper guidance from the get-go, especially since a hairstyle has a drastic impact sometimes to the overall shape of your head and the look that a client is trying to achieve. Get it right by following our guide on what type of hairstyles are best matched to each face shape for flattery instead of a look that may in fact accentuate your less flattering features, or may not go down well with your wardrobe.


The oval face shape suits most hairstyles. Lucky you! You can rock anything you want. It can almost be described as a blank canvas allowing barbers to try as many different hairstyles and facial hair trends as possible producing great results. Boring you, if you’re not taking advantage of trending new hairstyles!

Try and avoid longer fringes as they may make your head seem shorter and rounder, which is far from flattering. Instead, your barber should be taking your hair up away from your forehead, finishing off with styling products for a complimentary look.



The diamond face shape is unique in its appearance. It is specifically characterised by a narrow jawline and forehead with width in the cheeks.

These face shapes often look the best with shorter hair on the sides and longer on the top. Modern fades and the undercut look great on this face shape as well. Side parts also bring out the masculinity. Fringes work well on this by adding weight to your forehead.

Keeping it long on top can help balance out your face, giving you a subtle look.



If you have a round face, it means you won’t actually have obvious lines or angles on your face. Since round faces have little in the way of natural angles, you need to create the illusion of structure with your hair.

A style with height on the top that’s taken tight at the sides such as a pompadour or a flat top works well to add structure, as do front fringes. Square corners in the high recession area of your hair will sharpen up any soft edges.

A beard will also help elongate your face if you’d like to remove some of the roundness.



The square face shape is perceived as very masculine, with noticeably defined angles and width at all points.

Most men do prefer to soften out this face shape to tone down the sturdy, intense feel of it.

Square faces are best balanced with a little length on top and a haircut that isn’t too defined, but is more laid back. Some suitable styles include a side part or a crew cut, as they round out your face and don’t add definition to an already extremely masculine face.


This is a very long face shape so it requires a subtle hairstyle to ensure the face doesn’t appear even longer.

Fringes work wonders on an oblong face and will make your face seem shorter. Trying styles that are well proportioned and don’t have too much length on the top or too little on the sides will give you a flattering and well-balanced look.

You may also want to avoid a beard since that will only add the appearance of an even more oblong head.



This is the rarest face shape of them all. The heart is a very distinctive shape that has width at the forehead and tapers down to a point at the chin.

Avoid cuts that are very tight, as these will accentuate the narrowness of the chin and the width of the forehead. Instead, opt for mid-length and long hairstyles that are kept reasonably thin and light to soften the heart shape’s strong forehead.

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