News: A New Academy Is Opening In London This Summer!

We are so stoked to reveal more good news about the new opening of another London School of Barbering academy in a key central London location this summer. Yes, that is right, you’ve heard it right – we have a brand new academy opening in the vibrant location of Spitalfields/Liverpool Street soon. We are growing and delivering premium education to hundreds of students every year, from the U.K, Europe and around the world, so the demand for our courses is high, which is why we have decided to open up another academy in the creative hub of London, to get more and more students trained up to our high standards. Our new academy is going to be based at 13 Artillery Lane, London, E1 7LP, which is a very accessible London location for both students and clients.

Madeleine – former chef

It is also great news for men who take advantage of our popular free service of top quality haircuts between Monday and Friday during the week, as there will be more hair appointment slots available with the opening of our new academy. Our new academy will be delivering approximately 500 free haircuts per week. Please stay tuned and keep checking our website for updates on when haircut booking slots will be open.

The opening of another barbering academy in London is good news for anyone who wants to pursue their dream of becoming a barber and wants to take our highbrow barbering training courses. All of our educators have invaluable industry experience honing between five and fifteen years; who pass on tricks of the trade to our students, that took them years to learn. Course dates will be live on our website soon for our new academy, so please ensure you keep checking for updates to secure your place!

Michael Kontos, Creative Director & Co-Founder says:
“I am delighted to be opening up another LSB academy in London, as our product is strong and reliable with more and more people wanting to invest in our services, with the assurance that they are going to come out with exceptional barbering training, making them highly skilled and employable. I’m especially excited to have another new location in a prime London spot of Liverpool Street/Spitalfields, adding to our portfolio of other academies based at Covent Garden and Farringdon.”

Justis McEvilly, Co-Founder says:
“Our hands on training is in such high demand from both, employers wanting to hire highly skilled barbers and clients wanting to get their class free haircut. London being such a vibrant place and the hub of creativity, it is the best place to learn barbering, with some of our students travelling from all over the world to take our training.”

Listen to what some of our past students had to say about our barbering courses here at the U.K’s reputable barbering school. 

Ash – former social care worker

Conor – former law firm worker

Serene – hairdresser colourist

Molly – make up artist

We are absolutely beyond excited to welcome all of our new students and clients to our new London School of Barbering academy at our cool, new buzzing location of Spitalfields/Liverpool Street.

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