Salon International 2016

London School of Barbering’s brilliant team of educators returned to Salon International at ExCeL London this weekend for the third time running. It is the largest professional hairdressing and barbering event in the UK where experienced members of the industry share techniques and ideas and those starting out in hair can find inspiration.

The amount of attraction to our eight-metre-long stage was phenomenal and our team was excited to be able to engage with the hairdressing and barbering community on both our own stage and as guests on the prestigious Fudge Professional and Hairdressers Journal stands.

We asked our educators about their highlights from the event:

Henry: ‘It was fantastic. The atmosphere was mental – running at 1000 miles an hour! Salon International was great for LSB because of the amount of exposure we got. We had one of the larger stands situated at one of the busiest entrances to the event which attracted huge crowds hour upon hour! Having two of our most senior educators creatively cutting all day we were able to capture the creativity by having a camera man film every snip of the scissor and every glide of the clipper. The highlight for me was representing LSB alongside our creative director on stage for Fudge Professional and the HJ stand! And of course the amount of beautiful women under one roof.’

Jordan: ‘The event was good fun, inspirational and motivating. I love seeing the mixture of cultures in hair from all over the world in one place. It was really good cutting hair live, showing our approach and standards. Inside the academy we do it on a daily basis, but when you step out to events like this you can see how much we inspire others in the trade. The raffle we did was a highlight for me. It pulled in big crowds and we got to show off our latest collection when we announced the winners!’

Pan: ‘It was a lovely day – great having so much attention from all the hairdressers listening to all our techniques, and about the tools we use such as the filler guards and how amazing it was to see everyone rush to the stage to get the free samples of them. I had a great day, I loved the attention we got from all the public who were eager to learn from us listen to what we had to say.’

Pav: ‘Great event that is a must go for a hairdresser or barber. The atmosphere was quick and energetic. You can see that there is so much passion in the industry and we got to showcase our cutting techniques to the crowds that gathered around our stage. It’s always nice to show your work and get appreciation from the crowd watching. We could explain what we deliver in our academy and give an insight on what we do on a daily basis. It was also great to meet up and coming people in the industry and I also I got to see old students who were telling me how well they are doing.’

Billy: The event for me was fantastic. This was the first trade show I have been to since starting barbering. What made it better were the crowds who were there; it was great being able to interact with people who were there to see us because they had heard about us from all across the globe. When you get people with the same passion as you all under one roof it creates such a feel-good atmosphere for everyone there. For me the highlight of Salon International was just being there with this fantastic team of people, watching them all in action, cutting on stage enjoying themselves and being behind the scenes with them. For a long time I dreamed about being part of London School of Barbering, so being there at Salon International with these incredible people I can call a family was amazing and I cannot thank them enough.

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