Service and Manners in a Barber shop

One of the major keys to success in any customer service-oriented industry is creating customer loyalty. This is particularly important in a barber shop, where customers may need to return every 1-4 weeks to maintain a classic short hairstyle. To create a smooth, reliable, and comfortable environment for clients, a barber must be able to provide a high standard of customer care.

Creating an Inviting Space

A customer’s first impression is formed before they’ve even interacted with anyone. Is the shop clean, organised, and inviting? The last thing you want is for a new customer to feel awkward or confused when they walk in, so be sure to lay out the shop in a logical manner. In a barbershop, the first person the client usually sees is the receptionist, who should have a friendly, approachable expression. The customer should be greeted by the receptionist or first point of contact in the shop, and asked how they can be helped.

Greeting Customers

After checking in for an appointment, the customer can be directed to the waiting area where they are free to relax with reading material. It’s a nice touch to offer a cup of tea, coffee, or water while they wait. Appointments should be timed realistically so that the customer doesn’t have to wait for too long before their service begins, and if the barbershop is running behind schedule the customer should be notified. When the barber is ready for his or her client, it’s time for another friendly greeting. Address the client by name, ask how the customer is, and give him a welcoming smile. Everyone likes to feel special and important, so you can help facilitate this by treating your customer like a VIP individual.

Providing the Service

Begin your service with a brief, friendly, and professional chat. Ask what services and styles the client is interested in today, and discuss what you think would suit their needs according to your level of expertise. This consultation is extremely important, because it’s your time to get a clear idea of your client’s expectations and reassure him that you’re ready to meet or exceed them. A barber should drape the customer with confidence, establishing a higher level of trust in the barber’s abilities. As you provide your services, be sure to tell the client which techniques or products you’re using so that there are no surprises. Friendly communication is the key to any successful customer interaction.

Follow Up Customer Care

It’s just as important to make the customer feel valued as they’re walking out the door as it is when they enter. One way to make the client feel special is to give them a compliment, telling them that their new style is really flattering. After you’ve helped the customer out of the barber chair, you can walk them up to the reception desk. Thank the customer for coming in, addressing him by name.  You can finish by saying that you look forward to seeing him next time. This ensures that your client feels appreciated, and drives home that he is going to get a welcome in your shop anytime.

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