Best Sharp Short Haircuts For SS17

Short hairstyles remain hot favourites for men with their clean cuts and precise styling making them a strong all rounder for both comfort and style! If you have been struggling for inspiration on what short cut to get, you’re sure to find some from our unique mix of recommended hairstyles below…….

TOPMAN requested our expertise and advice on the best haircuts to request from your barber this summer,  so our Artistic Director Michael Kontos lend them his barbering hand…… Read more here……

High Fade & Slick Back On Top

Cut those top knots off guys and use the length to brush it back slick into a more stream line but edgy haircut….This haircut strikes the perfect balance between volume and lightness. The high fade sides and back allows you to stay cool in the heat while the hair slicked back on the top maintains a voluminous look. A sharp looking cut that stands out from the rest. Using a pomade will ensure this style holds throughout the day.

High Fade & Slick Back On Top

The advantage of this cut means that you get to keep volume but also stay cool. The hair being brushed back keeps hair in place no matter how high the temperate may rise.

Side Sweep

Boys no need to panic; you can still show off your amazing hair without having to resort to an extreme cut and chop this summer. The side sweep is a classic haircut that never loses its appeal! You really can’t go wrong with this modern hairstyle. This clean haircut will keep you cool with the sides and back tapered and shortened to a grade 2 or lower for heat combat! Keeping the top at least minimum 4 inches with scissor work will maintain volume.

Side Sweep

This is ideal for the guy who wants a lightweight feel haircut to cope with the heat but doesn’t necessary want to compromise on volume and texture for impeccable stand out style. For best styling results, use a pomade to keep it looking super slick and smooth.

Buzz cut

Shave it off boys…. This popular haircut is renowned for being a big hit with men during the summer months and yet again, it’s set to be a hot trend for summer 2017. This low maintenance hair cut requires little to no styling and is extremely flattering on square and oval faces. Wearing it with stubble or a beard adds extra masculinity to the cut and gives it an unarguably sexy edge.

Buzz CutJPG

This haircut keeps you extra cool in the summer and it can also reduce the appearance of a thinning head of hair.

Soft Short Curls

Curly hair is the definition of perfect summer hair! Beachy, soft, short curls are ideal for an effortless, casual summer look. Guys if you’re lucky enough to have curly hair, let them grow, then layer your hair so you can be noticed for the texture and definition that you were born with. Curly hair will allow you more freedom when it comes to styling your hair by applying a soft product and letting your hair dry naturally to embrace the curls.

Soft Short CurlsJPG

This haircut is a winner for the guy who loves the messy look with plenty of texture so it doesn’t require a huge amount of time styling and product.

High Fade Brush Over

Boys look you can have the best of both worlds this summer, with a haircut that is now iconic and familiar to us all….This look is sharp, short and sexy on the sides and swept away from the face on the top which means you can stay cool in Mediterranean sun-drenched chimes or the English sun.

High Fade Brush Over

This haircut will be your best friend this summer, if you fancy a fade but are not willing to lose the texture and too much volume of your hair. If your barber can’t achieve this for you, you’re going to the wrong place for your haircut.

Scissor Cut

Gents please take note of this look……If Images of a distinguished, quintessential English man who likes to travel the world in style comes to mind! This is a very classic looking style that allows you to keep the length, which is great if you want to showcase your damn good hair! This is primarily a scissor cut where the top is longer than the sides. The sides are kept neat and tidy which will help with the summer heat. This suits most face shapes, especially guys that have slim faces.

Scissor Cut

This is a low maintenance haircut that looks great when dried naturally after a swim in the pool or sea. A haircut definitely worth considering for the summer!

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