Established 2012

Shaving Machine: Foil Shaver Versus Clippers and Trimmers

Razor shaving at home is a tradition that most men still abide by and has become even a bit of a ritual for men, especially when it is passed on from generation to generation. Each man will have their own preference of what shaving machine they will use, whether it is a straight razor, safety razor or a cartridge razor. As well as it being convenient and very flexible to razor shave at home, it has also got great meditative benefits, as it does require you to slow down and really think about what you are doing. Razor shaving does require you to focus, so you avoid cuts and get that super smooth finish –  you might even find yourself entering a manly zen state!

With advanced techniques and products in barbering these days, men are never short of facial hair grooming options. The key is to find the hair remover tool that suits your needs and will make taming your facial hair easy, while looking good – obviously! Using a foil shaver or a clippers/trimmers are both effective ways to remove facial hair and maybe options you have not considered before….London School of Barbering are here to give you some tips on both!

The Foil Shaver

The foil shaver made its appearance on to the barbering circuit in the 80’s when popular brand Remington were the first brand to introduce this powerful shaving tool onto the market.
The purpose of the foil razor was to get really close to your face without having to use a razor blade. It was also designed to give more flexibility to men who lead busy lives – with a foil shaver, you don’t need to apply oils and creams onto your skin, as you can shave on dry skin when using a foil shaver.

Benefits of using a foil shaver

  • It prevents skin irritation that can be caused by a razor blade – the foil head will protect your skin from coming in direct contact with the blade.
  • Cuts hair at a higher speed, as the foil shaver spins faster than a rotary shaver – foil shavers have a high vibration rate of up to 14,000 cycles per minute.
  • Perfect for trimming sideburns and moustaches as foil shavers are shaped in a straight line, offering a high level of precision.
  • They give a closer shave as the foil shaver features varying patterns on each foil that are designed to cut any hair type with just one pass.
  • Advantageous for men who wish to shave every day as the foil shaver features curved metal covers over the blades with holes that set the hair in place for efficient cutting.

It is advisable to invest in a high end foil shaver so you don’t have to remove the foils. The motor will clear out any hair or residue by running it under the water for easy maintenance.

Clippers & Trimmers

The clippers is one of the most used tools in the barbershop for cutting men’s hair, most notable for buzz cuts and fades. However, it’s also a gem for trimming down facial hair once you understand how to use the different guards on it. The clippers has become very popular with trimming beards since the early 2000’s. For achieving closer cuts, using a trimmers which is essentially a mini clippers, is a good idea as they have thinner blades which will give you a super smooth and noticeable well groomed finish.

Benefits of using a clippers or trimmers 

  • Clippers can trim different facial hair lengths as a result of the different guards that can be attached to the clipper.
  • They are ideal for trimming thick facial hair quickly and taming long beards.
  • Trimmers are designed with hypoallergenic blades so they can be used on sensitive skin to avoid skin rashes and irritation.
  • Trimmers have the ability to cut hair very closely –  so when used on finer or shorter hair, it can give you extreme fine detail in the finish of your facial hair or beard.
  • If you want to get creative with your stubble and shave definitive edges and corners, the trimmers is the tool that will allow you to do this.