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The Skin Fade

We are seeing hundreds of guys each week walk through our doors asking for a skin fade, making it one of today’s most popular hairstyles. What is a skin fade? The look is advanced and entails very close hair on the sides & back, with variations of the fade height and style of hair on the top. Here at London School of Barbering, we absolutely love a good, sharp skin fade and our clients love skin fades just as much as we do! Every barber should know how to do a good skin fade, in order to produce crisp, modern and striking barber cuts. Check out our cool videos showcasing our talented educators executing various types of skin fades, creating different men’s looks and cool hairstyles:

Our leading barberella Bryony is demonstrating how to fade like a master; creating a modern, trendy and clean haircut.

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Our educator Alex carrying out a demonstration on how to create a flawless 0.5 fade for a modern look.

Our educator Alex showcasing how to create the sharpest zero fade for a super, fresh look.

Our educator Panos doing his thing showcasing how to create one seriously hot drop fade for a top class haircut.


You’ll need heavy duty clippers, t-liner clippers, a cutthroat razor, a mirror, a small fading brush and a comb.

First, find a point above the ears for your first section, perhaps about an inch above the ears. Then cut the hair to a very short length from the bottom of the hairline up to that point, working around the entire head — use your clippers (shortest setting zero), mini-trimmers, t-liners, or a cut-throat razor to get a super sharp and fresh look.

Next, repeat the process on the next section directly above the previously clipped area (perhaps a half-inch higher), changing the clipper setting up a notch. This will allow the hair to gradually “fade” away as it gets down to the ears. Build rhythm using small and fast strokes to take away small bits of hair, rather than long strokes to take away chunks of hair. Always clear the area with the fading brush in order to see if the hair is faded and free of imperfections.

Keep repeating the process until you reach the top of the sides of the head. If there are any uneven areas or ‘steps’, go back over them with scissors or mini-trimmers and a fine-toothed comb to blend in the steps.

After you have finished the fade leaving no imperfections, use a razor or mini-trimmers to “shape up” the perimeter of the hair in order to accentuate the level of detail and to produce an extra sharp look.

Finally, cut the hair on the top as you wish, whether a long- or short-haired style. Quite a few lads have been going for a more modern look to turn heads, integrating a trendy style on the top like a quiff or slicked back hair.

Theo, Master Barber

If you want to advance and polish up your current fading skills to become a fade master, why not check out our barbering courses page to find the right course to help you do just that! Our Clipper Fading Fundamentals or Skin Fade Master Class courses are very popular courses taken to define and polish one’s fading skills to a high standard!

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