Slick Back Hair

Seen both on the fashion runways and on celebrities like David Beckham and Leonardo DiCaprio, the slick back hair is a classic style that never really seems to go out of fashion. It’s a timeless look that gives a neat, tidy, sleek silhouette. As a bonus, this style can be particularly useful for men who are trying to conceal bald spots towards the back of the head but find their hair is still thick elsewhere. To achieve a slicked back look, the hair on the front and top of the head must be kept long enough to slick it back. Although it takes a little bit more time and effort than a tousled style, a slick back is seen as sophisticated, debonair, and fashion-forward.

Get the Look

To achieve the slick back, you’ll want to start with damp hair that has been towel dried. The hair can be parted where you prefer, whether that’s on the side or right down the centre. Blow dry the sides of the hair close to the head first, and then focus on combing the hair down and back, following this motion with the hair dryer until the hair has dried in its slicked back position. Special care should be taken on the top portion of the hair that falls opposite your natural part. This is the area where your style is most prone to collapse, due to its extra weight. Brushing this area back and following it with the high heat of the hair dryer will help keep it in place.

With the hair now set and dry, you’ll want to keep it in place and give the slick back its particular “slick” style with your choice of product. Gel and pomade are two top choices, depending on your preferences. Gel provides a bit more volume, but pomade will give a more traditional, retro style with the hair kept close to the head. You will only need a small dab of either product, which can be rubbed between your hands before applied to the hair. This product application allows you to make sure that the hair is kept in its desired shape, whether you prefer volume on top or a sleek, flat look all over the head. You can follow your application by hand with a comb to distribute the hair product more evenly, and then apply hair spray. Set the style with a final blast of the hair dryer to keep it in place all day long.

Styling Tips

  • Just as you pay more attention to the portion of hair next to the part while initially shaping your style, you’ll also want to give it an extra spritz of hair spray to keep it from falling over.
  • Prep hair before beginning with a salt spray or root lifting product, paying extra attention to the top section of the hair.
  • If you prefer a slicked back side part, be sure that the part is neat after blow drying your hair. Use a comb to guide the hair into place before applying your gel or pomade.
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