Barber Success Story – Alexander Cooper

Alexander never really had a clear picture in his head of what he wanted to do as a career. So during his time working in retail, he began to think about all the possible areas and industries he could get into and most importantly be successful at! He knew he always had an interest in hair and the barbering trade, so he thought why not listen to his instincts and give it a go as a career? Listening to his instincts was the best thing he has ever done, as he explains in his interview, that making the transition into barbering trade was the best thing he has ever done.

He took our 9-week NVQ 2 Diploma course in barbering here at London School of Barbering. He was very impressed with the technical ability of all tutors and the clear structure of the course, which added to his memorable and successful experience at LSB. To his surprise, he never imagined that there were as many ways to cut hair until he started his course at LSB. Since graduating with us, he has been working in barbershops and you can currently find him at Swagger & Jacks in Norwich.

Read more about his success story in his interview below…

LSB: What is your name and Instagram tag if you have one?
AC: My name is Alexander Cooper and my Instagram tag is @acbarber_.

LSB: What did you do before barbering?
AC: Before barbering, I was working in retail full time.

LSB: When did you realise barbering was the profession for you?
AC: Working in retail was a stop gap/dead end job for me and I never really had a clear idea as to what I wanted to do with my life in terms of my career. I always had an interest in hair and the barbering trade and what it had to offer, so I thought why not? Thats when I took the leap.

LSB: How did you feel about making the transition into barbering, and why did you choose LSB to learn the trade?
AC: Making the transition into the barbering trade has been the best thing I’ve ever done. I wasn’t aware, as I’m sure many weren’t as to the many options available within the art of cutting hair and how hard it can be, but it is so rewarding and pleasing seeing what I have achieved and learnt. LSB was the best option for me – the technical ability of all the tutors at the school and the clear structure of the course on offer was the best way to learn.

LSB: What course did you take at London School of Barbering, and what were the highlights of for you?
AC: I took the beginner 9 week NVQ 2 Diploma course in barbering at LSB. I made so many friends and met so many great people, as well as learning a lot. Seeing the transition I made from the start of the 9 week course from not being able to hold a pair of scissors to completion and being able to cut hair was the main highlight for me.

LSB: Tell us about your journey since you have finished with LSB?
AC: When graduating from LSB, I landed myself a barber job immediately at a small barbershop in one of my local villages. I then went to work in a city barbers and then from there, went to my current workplace at Swagger & Jacks in Norwich. Starting in a small shop was really great for me personally. It allowed me to gain a brief amount of experience in a shop after training and understand the principles of a working barbershop. My confidence then grew at every shop I moved onto!

LSB: What has been your proudest moment so far as a barber?
AC: There have been so many proud moments as a barber so far. I would easily say that seeing the progress I have made from starting my course to looking at where I currently am now is the proudest thing for me. I have learnt so much and personally improved.

LSB: If you could have anyone in your barber’s chair, who would it be and why?
AC: There are so many people I would love to have in my chair. I would probably say it would have to be someone like David Beckham. I am a big football fan and he would have so many great stories to tell, not bad hair to work on too!

LSB: Have you had anyone in your barber’s chair already that has had an interesting story to tell you?
AC: I have so many people in the chair everyday who each all have different, interesting stories to tell. The best thing about this trade is that you get such a variety of people coming through the door, from the younger generations to the old. I like giving time to every client and listening to all of their stories.

LSB: Do you take inspiration from anything when cutting hair, such as music, fashion, film or art?
AC: I easily have to say that I take my inspiration from some of the biggest names within barbering industry who I follow on social media such as: ‘Alan & Reece Beak’ ‘Cuthroat George’ ‘Nomad barber’ & the ‘Menspire’ teams. These are only a few of so many amazing barbers that inspire me!

LSB: What would you say to anyone considering a career in barbering and studying at LSB?
AC: If anyone is considering a career in barbering, I would recommend them to go straight to LSB and choose the right course for them. Training this way will save you a lot of time and get you to a very high standard ready to work in a shop and kick start your career. The structure of the courses provided are second to none, to help you progress steadily and quickly. I would also say work hard, listen and ask as many questions as possible. If you are eager and have the passion for the trade – then success will come!

LSB: Anything further to add?
AC: I would like to thank everyone at LSB and my tutors for helping me kick start my barbering career. If anyone is in the Norwich area and needs a trim, come check us out at Swagger and Jacks. Instagram: @swaggerandjacks  Facebook: Swagger & Jacks Gentlemens Grooming  Website: – you can book online via the booking system on our website.

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