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Barber Success Story – Harvey Miller

After frequent trips to his local barbershop, Harvey could not ignore how much he enjoyed the buzzing atmosphere and unique barbershop ambience. He could envisage himself behind the barber chair and decided to leave the fashion retail floor in exchange for the cool and creative barbershop environment. He knew that he would be able to take the interpersonal aspect and chatting to customers element from his previous retail roles and use it in barbering. After he completed a barbering apprenticeship, he wanted to develop his skills to the highest standard, so he decided to join London School of Barbering to complete the 9 week Diploma course in Barbering.

As soon as he graduated with LSB, he went on to work in different barbershops, enhancing his CV and skills, before he found his barber place and settled at Rocket Barbers in Peckham Rye. Before settling in this quirky, edgy and extremely masculine barbershop, he gained a lot of experience in Afro shaving and beard cutting which amplified his skills further. He constantly takes inspiration from others in the industry and generally goes with the flow when cutting men’s hair.

Read more about his success story in his interview below……..

LSB: What is your name and Instagram tag if you have one?
HM: My name is Harvey Miller and my Instagram tag is @harveyscuts.

LSB: What did you do before barbering?
HM: I worked for Stone Island and Nike before I got involved in the barbering profession. So I took a total different career direction when I started at LSB.

LSB: When did you realise barbering was the profession for you?
HM: When I first started going to my local barbershop, the atmosphere was great and I wanted to be part of it. I realised that I could work in an environment like this and really enjoy work every day.

LSB: How did you feel about making the transition into barbering and why did you choose LSB to learn the trade?
HM: The transition wasn’t easy but it all pays off in the end. I choose LSB  after taking an apprenticeship. I realised that I wanted to further develop my barbering skills and challenge myself to be the best, so I took time out to go to LSB.

LSB: What course did you take at London School of Barbering and what were the highlights for you?
HM: I took the Diploma NVQ 2  in Barbering and the highlights for me were definitely getting more of a solid and concise understanding into cutting long hair.

LSB: Tell us about your journey since you have finished with LSB?
HM: After LSB,  I finished my apprenticeship and moved around various shops to really expand on my skills and learn as much as I possibly could, including Afro shaving and beard cutting. I went to work with Soho House Group and I am now happily settled in Rocket Barbers Peckham.

LSB: What has been your proudest moment so far as a barber?
HM: Doing a haircut someone is really happy with is the only proud moment you need in this industry. It speaks volumes, it really does and is the best feeling in the world!

LSB: If you could have anyone in your barber’s chair, who would be and why?
HM: Matt Damon because he doesn’t suit long hair.

LSB: Have you had anyone in your barber’s chair already that has had an interesting story to tell you?
HM: Every person has an interesting story and as a barber you hear them all. Stories come in a range of  subjects and styles and it’s always a pleasure to listen to them while you are cutting client’s hair.

LSB: Do you take inspiration from anything when cutting hair, such as music, fashion, film or art?
HM: I take a lot of inspiration from other people in the industry and just going with the flow helps me a lot when I’m cutting hair.

LSB: What would you say to anyone considering a career in barbering and studying at LSB?
HM: If you don’t like being at a desk and are a chatty and talkative person –  do it! LSB is a great way to get into the industry in the right way.