Top Party Hairstyles To Get You Noticed This Christmas

Whether you’re planning on wearing your infamous, festive reindeer jumper again this year or you’ve invested time into putting a super trendy outfit together, considering party hairstyles to match your outfit is very important to nail a killer overall look. London School of Barbering understand the importance of having a great haircut, they know a quality haircut makes every man look and feel good, so with endless festivities ahead, finding the right haircut and style is imperative to get you through the season looking and feeling good, whether you’re under the mistletoe or not…..

There is a lot of scope for Christmas party hairstyles, with a wide range of cool barber cuts that are on trend and will suit different occasions – whether you’re popping down to the local rockers bar or you’re off to a much more fancier affair, like a big black tie Christmas party.

There are a lot of good things about Christmas parties, the entertainment, the food and drink indulgence and the embarrassing party moments, but getting dressed up is a big bonus, especially if you don’t do much of it throughout the year. So ensuring your Christmas hair game is strong, can be made easier with a little inspiration from our barber gurus, here at London School of Barbering. Go for it – give your usual hairstyle a switch up and different style to make it feel and appear more special than usual this Christmas.

Modern Slick Back

The notorious slick back is probably one of the longest serving men’s haircut choices of all time. It is one of the most slickest and smartest hairstyles a man can opt for. The sharpness associated with a slick back is a perfect match for a guy who is really into his style.

There are lots of ways to make a slick back really personal and unique as a haircut to complement your personality and style. Getting a slick back with styling parts of the hair into curl sections on the top gives it a quirky little touch. You can see the effect of this quirky slick back with soft curls has alongside a modish fashion look – making it the perfect party hairstyle to complement your Christmas outfit. A well-styled and precise slick back is like a piece of hair art and is extremely flattering. A modern slick is a winner!

Quiff With Edge

A quiff is a haircut that is for the more daring type of guy who likes to make an impression. The quiff that came into the barbering world in the 1950s has managed to stick around this long and men are asking for quiffs these days with more of a modern twist.

Barbers are doing really cool and creative things with quiffs, so you can get a style that will stand out. The great thing about quiffs is the volume and shape you can build up in the haircut. Choosing to get a super modern quiff like this below will sure go down well at the Christmas party. The way this quiff is styled ensures that there is just the right amount of balance between loud style and classic style. The height of the hair blow-dried and styled in this quiff ensures that you don’t run the risk of looking like Danny Zuko from Grease.

Scissor Cut With A High Taper

If you get a wicked scissor cut that is executed with precision, the details will show in the haircut from every single angle. Guys love scissor cuts for the classic feel and simplicity of it. Opting for a scissor cut with a high taper immediately converts this cut into more of a fashionable haircut. The tapering on the sides frames this haircut and highlights the volume on top.

This cut is a great option for your Christmas party as it looks like you’ve put lots of effort into styling your haircut. The volume stands out and you’ll be sure to look sharp – bow ties are optional!

Low Fade With Messy Texture

For the guy who doesn’t want to make too much fuss with their haircut, but still wants to look sharp and attractive at the Christmas party – the low fade and messy texture on top is the perfect solution. This haircut puts a contemporary twist to a classic style, which is a winner for guys who like the subtle look with just a little twist.

This type of haircut is a scissor cut combined with clipper work on the sides, with a very low fade so it doesn’t take too much attention away from the textured top. The super smooth and textured top is styled into a flattering tousled shape that adds eye-catching definition to this haircut. An eye-catching haircut is always a good idea for the Christmas party and may take attention away from you, if you end up doing a terrible karaoke number.

So if you’re looking for a Christmas party hairstyle to help you stand out from the crowd and look great, why not try one of the options above.

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