Established 2012

Guide On Understanding The Best Hair Products For Men

In the exhilarating and huge hair and grooming world today, there is definitely no shortage of hair products to choose from, the real challenge is finding the best hair product for you! Finding the perfect  product to keep your barnet in shape and looking super smooth and fresh is made easy if you know your stuff on the right hair products to use.

Our Head Educator Pavlos here at London School of Barbering, with nearly fifteen years of industry experience, is here to give you a precise low down on what each product is designed to do and gives you some of his insider tips he has picked up over the years, whilst cutting men’s hair to help you decide which of the men’s hair products below is best for you.

From hair gel to hairspray, hair products can give you that long lasting finished barber look that ensures your hair game is on point and stays intact throughout the day. Once you read our guide, you will be a new self-made hair product expert and your bad hair days will behind you!


Please take note of Pavlos’s TOP TIP: When it comes to applying any product, please remember less is more. Always start off with a fingertip or the size similar to a 50p coin worth of product. You can always add more later if you need to. Applying too much at the start can just make your hair look greasy, unflattering and can draw attention away from the actual texture and shape of your hair.

So without further ado, here are the best hair products for men:

Pre Blowdrying Products:

Salt Spray
Using salt spray can give you the nice feeling that you’ve just come from the beach and had a dip in some seawater – not a bad vibe to have right?! Applying salt spray to your hair can make it feel thicker and gives it a strong hold. This product is good for keeping hair in place while giving it volume and a matte finish.

This is a great option if you are not keen on using many other products and want a hassle-free hair product regime. It helps keep your blowdry in place, so there is no need for hairspray. Salt spray smells nice too and is not as strong smelling as hairspray.

Salt spray is best used on fine to medium hair – it is not advised for thicker hair.

Hair mousse
Mousse or styling foam is designed for curly hair and works best when scrunch drying or diffuser drying. The ingredients in mousse help enhance the shape of curls. It also calms down frizzing if you have curly hair that tends to frizz quite easily.

Mousse can be applied to both curly, messy and straight hair when wet before blowdrying. It can enhance volume and ensure a great hold in a blowdry. It will also add a natural hold if you don’t want to add other styling products after your blowdry. It is an excellent lightweight product if that is what you are looking for.

Mousse is best used for all hair types and is perfect for sculpting volume.

Hair Gel
Hair gels come in different strengths including low, medium and strong. Using hair gel in your hair before blow-drying will add a layer of weight to your hair, making it feel thicker.

There are different strengths to choose from, for different effects including height and volume of your hair. For example, if you are looking for a more natural look, you should opt for a low strength hair gel, but if you are looking for extreme height and an uplift, you would need to use a strong strength hair gel.

Hair gel is suitable for all hair types.

Now, let’s look at the best men’s hair products to use as a final touch to your haircut after blowdrying.

You should ask yourself these 2 questions which will determine which hair products you should be using…

Q.1 Do you want a wet or dry look?
Q.2 Do you want a light, medium or strong hold look?


Hair gel
Gel is one of those products that is really easy to use and manoeuvre around your hair. It can give you a really light to strong hold. Opting to use gel means you can have hairstyles including pompadours, side partings, slick backs, top knots, crops, curly looks, messy looks and even the old-fashioned and classic haircuts that guys are rocking these days with a modern barber edge.

One of the benefits of using gel is that it stiffens up after application, so you can’t put your hands through it and break the style. It will keep your style in place, no matter how much dancing or head banging you do…. now that is what we call a result!

Hair wax
If you are looking for extremely strong hold, wax is the product to use. Wax will also give you heavy shine as well as hold. There are light and heavy waxes available and you don’t need to apply a lot of wax on hair.

Waxes are not a very popular hair product amongst guys these days. A good tip for waxes is to use them on your beard or moustache to give it a definite shape. Waxes are not suitable for fine hair.

Pomade has become the more preferred hair product for men these days, compared to gels and waxes. Applying pomade to your finished style will give it a really nice hold and a noticeably natural look. Pomade will work really well in slicks backs, pompadours, side parting styles and even messy styles.

Pomade will work in most hair types, but it is not recommended for fine hair, as it will cause it to look limp and flat. The pomade may even stick to the scalp. The good thing about using pomade is that you can still put your hand through your hair without it breaking the style.

Hair Clay
Clay will give you a super matte finish when applied to your finished hairstyle. It is best used on medium to thicker hair and men who have shinier hair, but want it to appear more natural and have a matte finish.

It can be used in an array of men’s hairstyle choices, but be careful not to apply too much to your hair, as it can cause the hair to clump. It won’t look flattering and it will look like you dosed your hair in too much hair product. The best advice is to apply a little to add subtle texture.

Hair Paste
Hair paste is a little more of a lighter option compared to clay. Using paste on lighter hair will give you the best results and is not a heavy product at all. It is the go-to product if you are looking for a subtle bit of shine.

Top tip for using hair paste is not to apply too much, as it will make styling difficult and your style will start dropping from the pressure of the paste – height and volume will be hard to keep in place.

Hair Cream
The purpose of hair cream is for low hold and for a simple hairstyle that doesn’t require loads of volume and height.

This product is perfect for guys who don’t want to make a fuss around styling and want a natural look. Ideal hairstyles that cream is suitable to apply to include scissor cuts and crops.

Hairspray has a dual purpose and can be used with pre blowdrying and finishing styling products for your final hair look at the end.

Tips for product application
Pre blowdrying products are applied all over the hair and you should comb it throughout your hair to make sure it is spread evenly.

Emulsify all hair products into your two hands before applying the product to your hair.

So now we have shared with you; our exclusive hair product knowledge from barber master Pavlos, you should be able to find the hair product that’s best for you, and give your hair grooming routine a recheck and make sure your style always looks on trend!