Established 2012

Ways to Differentiate your Barber Shop

There are numerous factors which can influence your barbershop’s chances of success, but as you’re getting started one of the most important is finding a way to differentiate it from the competition. Whether it’s a unique methodology that you employ, a specific type of hair that you work on, or exclusive products that you work with; making your barbershop stand out is important. The following are a few ideas that could help give your shop an edge above the competition.


One of the first ways to differentiate your barbershop is with the staff you hire. Hiring an entirely female staff sets a certain tone that can set your shop apart, for example. You could also hire staff members who have graduated from a particular institution, or only hire barbers with a certain amount of years of experience under their belt.


It’s worth taking the time to define your barber shop’s approach to hair cutting and styling. Will your shop focus primarily on classic shaving techniques using traditional tools such as straight razors, or will you offer a wide range of hair cutting, colouring, and styling services for men and women alike? What methods will be used in the shop to render these services? By choosing a particular approach or embracing a newer form of technology, you could help distinguish your shop from competitors.

Hair Styles

The hair styles you provide are another way to make your business stand out. Some barbershops are known for their classic cuts, such as the high and tight or military buzz cut. Others excel in trendy fashions for younger men. Another option is to provide alternative hairstyles, such as elaborate Mohawks and fades. As facial hair continues to grow in popularity, you could differentiate your barbershop by offering a wide range of facial hairstyles, from handlebar moustaches to neatly trimmed goatees.

Hair Products

Do you offer high quality hair products that customers can’t find down at the local pharmacy? You could forge an exclusive relationship with a certain brand to offer the full selection of products from their range. Perhaps you want your barbershop to be a sustainable, environmentally-friendly business, in which case you might provide organic hair care products with all-natural ingredients.

Extra Services

It’s the little things that can take an ordinary barber experience and transform it into something special. Small extras such as a brief head and shoulder massage, a complimentary coffee, or warm shaving cream can make going to the barbershop a real treat for customers. This often leads to positive online reviews and entices them to spread the word about your services.

These are just a few ideas that can help you get started when it comes to differentiating your shop. In today’s competitive barbering environment, it’s important to get ahead of the competition in as many ways as possible. Choosing a unique philosophy, style of hair cutting, or product line can give you the edge you need to attract the attention of new clients and keep them coming back for more.