Established 2012


Thank you for your interest in London School of Barbering, located in London and Manchester.
Now is the time to reinvent yourself. Coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic, barbershops were some of the most resilient businesses on the high street. Hair always needs to be cut, so barber jobs are always in demand regardless of the economy’s health.
Barbers earn good money and have many employment opportunities. The U.K. hair and beauty industry employs almost 250,000 people and generates over £6 billion in yearly sales. A barber can typically earn between £450-700 per week, and shop owners can earn double this amount with a few barbers working for them.
Learning the trade is achievable in our intensive courses and can be done within just 9 to 12 weeks, regardless of your age.
We invite you to sign up for our free course tour to see what it takes to become a barber and to get an insight into our methods and step-by-step video tutorials.


With a London School of Barbering Diploma you have access to over 2000 shops that actively recruit LSB graduates. This network gives you a kick-start to getting into work immediately following your course.

LSB’s approach has successfully trained over 3000 barbers since 2012, and we are the UK’s leading barber academy for good reason. We run our academies like a barbershop, where in a typical day you will cut hair on 3 to 5 real clients. You therefore get the real shop experience of delivering a large volume of haircuts and on-trend styles to a range of men while our educators are at your sides refining your skill.

We invite you to take 10 minutes to watch our FREE online course tour and see what it takes to become a barber, as well as to get an insight into our methods and step-by-step video tutorials.

our courses

master barber NVQ3

3 weeks - Experienced NVQ3

experienced barber NVQ2

3 weeks - Experienced level 2 diploma

clipper fundamentals

01 week - experienced

Hairdresser to Barber

02 week - experienced

MUA barbering

05 day - experienced

Skin fade
master class

02 day - experienced

wet shaving master class

02 day - experienced