Why Barbering is a great career option after school?

There can be doubts, concerns and worries when deciding what career path to take after finishing school.

You may not want to go to University and study a 2-4 year degree but you know that you are going to need to do something with yourself. There is nothing better than having a trade under your belt that you can take anywhere with you.

Barbering teaches you much more then just being able to cut hair, you will learn valuable life skills. You will interact with people from all walks of life. Barbers meet clients who have interesting stories to tell and you get to chat to people daily, which is perfect if you enjoy meeting new people.

You have the power and skills to give confidence to men by giving them a haircut that suits them and makes them feel great. Many barbers make good friends and contacts from their clients; your confidence and popularity will grow.With becoming a barber you can to take your skills with you no matter where you want to go in the world. You can pick up your tools to do some clients and gain extra cash as you go along in your travels. That’s what makes being a barber so great. You can cut hair anywhere, any day and anytime! Your career goes where you go.

There is no lifespan of a barber, once you work hard and continue to master your craft, you can work as long you want. Regardless of economic situation, men will always need to get their haircut, so there will always be a need for barbers. With the rise of social media and focus in the media on male grooming, more and more men are willing to invest money in how they look.

Here at London School of Barbering you can have that opportunity within just 9 weeks to earn a NVQ2 qualification and start working as a barber.

Have a look at Theo’s journey – Theo came to London School of Barbering to take our Masters NVQ 2 & 3 beginners course straight after finishing school. He discovered our world class barbering academy through his local barbershop, where he goes for his haircuts. Two of the barbers who work at his local barbershop completed courses here at London School of Barbering.

Take a look at our Beginners 9 week course if you are interested in becoming a barber. Beginner courses available in London and Manchester.


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